BreastNotes.com was created to help you to understand the breast: its development and growth patterns, its function and purpose, its role in various societies, its care, and its problems.

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o better understand the breast, we offer instructional information in our  Anatomy section. Drawings, diagrams and images serve as references, and will illustrate the details that we cover elsewhere in this site.

ore than 195,000 women and 1,500 men will discover that they have Breast Cancer this year. If you do not have breast cancer, we want to show you everything that we are aware of to prevent your getting it, how to detect whether you might have it, and how to offer help if others should get it. If you should happen to get breast cancer, or have it now, we want to show you what might be done about it.

ny cancer that grows in our body will kill us. . .unless we can find it and get it out of our body AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! The three most important things that we can do to find a growth in the breast that may become malignant are: regularly scheduled mammograms, annual Clinical Breast Exams with your health practitioner, and monthly Breast Self-Examination.. We want to show you how to do Breast Self Exams properly.

hen young people grow up and become mature people, their breasts go through many changes. We want to help them understand just what to expect, and what to do if the expected results do not occur. More mature people may have some concerns about this too. Visit the Breast Awareness Section

or many, God placed breasts on our bodies for the sole purpose of feeding our offspring. With an increased knowledge of breast anatomy, and an explanation about how breasts produce milk, we hope to encourage more mothers to make the choice to breastfeed their new arrivals. Visit the Breastfeeding Section

e all enjoy finding new information, learning about medical breakthroughs, and discovering other current topics of interest. Also, everyone enjoys getting mail (as long as it is not advertisements or bills… or politicians asking for the bills in our wallet), and we are no exception. Please feel free to write to us (drop an e-mail to: BreastCare@comcast.net)  to ask any questions that you feel we can help you with. Visit the Topics Of Interest Section.

lot of research has been done since the mid 1990's about whether there is a possible link between the wearing of a brassier and it causing a higher risk of breast cancer in the one wearing it. We have added a section that will directly deal with this concept where we will publish literature from some of those researchers. You will find it under Bra/Breast Cancer. We hope that you will take the opportunity to read what these innovative people have to say to us.

hen you make the decision to improve your breast health by eliminating the bra from your wardrobe, a new problem faces you now. "How do I dress, so I do not look like I took off my bra?" Or: "Where can I buy a dress that is larger in the bust, but not too large for my waist?" We are gathering information that may help you in a new section that we are referring to as our Fashion Notes

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Recent Modifications and Additions:
Article Title: Description: New or Modified Date:
A Personal Letter A letter to women I care about, giving information that help them to know the facts about wearing a bra and raising their risk of breast cancer, so they can decide for themselves. New Dec. 2017
Are You Dressing Organically? You go to the efforts to eat organically, and live organically, to prevent breast cancer, are you dressing organically? New Nov. 2017
More & More Experts Agree:  Wearing A Bra Causes Breast Problems A client wrote to tell us that hert doctor recommended that she NOT wear her bra, until her breast mass cleared up. Take a look at a large number of experts that agree. New Nov. 2017
Manual Expression of Your Breasts This article has been amended to include new HowTo videos of doing Manual Expression of your breasts. Thanks to two wonderful ladies on the images and videos for this article. Modified April 2017
SPECIAL REPORT: Dr, Eileen Nauman contributed a group of volunteered reports from some of her clients that share their reasons for removing their bras from their wardrobes. New Mar 2017
"ALOHA... Means LOVE" "...it was only the most natural thing in the world for me to see how babies were fed because there was no privacy needed--there was no shyness or shame in a woman's breasts..." New Mar 2017
Bras Actually CAUSE Breast Saggiing Bras are said to prevent breasts from sagging. How can they CAUSE the breasts to sag then? New Feb 2017
Why I Don't Wear A Bra ~ Videos ~ YouTube vignettes from young women of today talking about why they no longer wear a bra. New Feb 2017
Bra-Free Humor Just a place to put a little bit of humor to look at a life-saving ...or life-threatening... issue: Wearing A Bra New Feb 2017
Doesn't Everyone Wear A Bra "I don't want to be the only woman not wearing a bra. People will stare and ask questions." New Feb 2017
Bra Free - Story Number Seven Read Sally R's TWO YEAR UPDATE  after being bra-free for two whole years.  Modified Dec 2016
TABOOBS: The Leading Cause of Breast Cancer When we are not willing to look past old traditions, cultural habits, and taboos, we show that we are not interested in preventing Breast Cancer and saving lives. New Nov 2016
Fake Breast Cancer News From The American Cancer Society News Reports from a leading charity is misleading many others by not truthfully representing factual and important medical discoveries. New Nov 2016
Could There Possibly Be a Link Between Underwire Bras and Breast Cancer? A Doctor comments on the question about the wearing of a bra influencing a higher risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer. New Aug 2016
Bra Free - Story Number Eleven Why should I stop dressing sexy just because I am not wearing a bra? Modified Mar 2016
Kim Replies To Skye - Bra-Free Stories Kim thanks Skye for encouraging others to try going bra-free, and shares how she made the decision to join Skye and the others in finding comfort and good breast health. Modified Mar 2016
Update Bra-Free Story Number Seven Sally R updated us on her new Bra-Free lifestyle. Modified Feb 2016
How To Do A Breast Self-Examination A new instruction on how to perform BSE. New Dec 2015
Am. Cancer Soc. Changes Recommendations For Mammograms Some changes are a step forward... while some are a step backward. New Oct 2015
Bra Free - Story Number Ten "I no longer have the headaches and I feel very free and light!" Modified Aug 2015
Building A Bra-Free Wardrobe "If I am going to lose the bra, how do I select clothing that will not make my breasts look like they went South?" New Jun 2015
Bra Free - Story Number Nine "My breasts are no longer as painful as they were before I eliminated my bras. I do not plan to ever put one back on again." Modified Apr 2015
Bra Free - Story Number Eight "I made the decision to go braless many years ago, after my mother died of breast cancer at the age of 56 Modified Apr 2015
Bra Free - Story Number Six "Together, we can push the boundary and create the change that is necessary for the health of all women." Modified Feb 2015
Fashion Notes A place where readers can offer tips, ideas and sources regarding fashion wear. New Feb 2015
The Big Bra Bailout: Sloppy Study Shows Conflict Of Interest  Sydney Ross Singer The National Cancer Institute has funded a study by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to look into the bra-cancer link in order to refute research showing this link is responsible for a majority of breast cancer cases.   We have two responses.        New Jan 2015
Hutchinson Study Is A False Report By Ken L Smith New Jan 2015
Preventing Pain from Sarcoidosis of the Skin and Joints By Henry & Nina W. Looking to reduce her daily pain from Sarcoidosis she found success... and he found a solution to his erectile dysfunction New Jan 2015
Bra Free - Story Number Five "I consider it my mission to bring others to the bra-free lifestyle/movement! If I help one person I will feel forever blessed."" Author's image has been added. Modified Nov 2014
Breast Cancer Is Preventable
Link to an article by Sydney Ross Singer
 An about multiple studies that support the connection between wearing a bra and breast cancer, and points out there are NO studies that prove otherwise. New Oct 2013


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