Breast Awareness
Overview ~

Our body is a complex machine, and we must be aware of how it is functioning. Our breasts are very special organs, and are the location of the most frequently found cancer. Being more aware of our breasts help us to prevent our losing them.

ne of the reasons it is important for us to have an awareness of our body is we want to be sure that we are "OK". We want assurance that we are "normal", or like the rest of the people (…of course, we would not complain if we were just a little bit "better" than the rest of the people, would we?). Breasts are thought of as separate parts of our body, and it is important that we be pleased with how they are developing (or have developed). We often find ourselves comparing parts of our body to someone else's body. We can become stressed when we realize that we are not a "carbon copy" of someone who's body we admire, or we are not developing into the person we hoped that we would eventually be..

The Five Stages Of Breast Development.

Young women can become quite anxious about how their breasts are developing. By reading this article and seeing these images, you can get some feel for how young women's breasts normally develop in stages, and that may help you to have a bit more patience as you wait those seemingly long years for them to reach maturity.
The 'Purpose' Of The Bra
     by Ken L. Smith, BHF
How we treat our breasts has a lot to do with how they develop, whether they remain healthy or suffer from various breast diseases, including cancer. This article talks about why women wear bras, what the bra does (and does not do) for you, and the damage bras do to healthy breasts.
Bras & Breast Cancer:
Myth Or Fact?

By Sydney Ross Singer
October 2018
Many websites casually refer to the wearing of a bra being associated with higher incident rates of breast cancer as a myth. They are misinformed.
Bra-Free After reading"The 'Purpose' Of The Bra", this shares comments from women that have already taken the steps necessary to adjust their style of dressing, and have gained the benefits of reducing the amount that they wear a bra,
Bras Actually CAUSE Breast Sagging
        by Ken L. Smith, BHF
Women have always been told that not wearing a bra will cause their breasts to sag or droop. The facts are that wearing a bra causes natural breast-lifting elements to relax because they are not used, and so when the bra comes off, down they go.
Top-Freedom world. Some ladies have taken the issue of breast restriction caused by wearing a bra and tight clothing to a higher level by taking the lead in dressing more comfortably, in some situations, by eliminating their top in similar situations that men do so..
Breast Visual Signs If you are pregnant, or inducing lactation, you may be interested in monitoring  your breasts for progress. These images are also helpful in monitoring your external visual changes that may occur over time due to breast changes you should be monitoring.
Nipple Stimulation Helps Prevent Breast Cancer
                by Celia Hall
Simply stimulating your nipples for a few minutes several times a week creates an increase in oxytocin production, which is similar to breastfeeding, and may be a significant reason for lower breast cancer risks in women that breastfeed.
Do The Natives Wear Bras?
by Ken L. Smith, BHF
Before a lady decides to go bra-free, she remembers that she has always been told not wearing a bra causes breasts to sag and stretch out of shape. This article poiints out that native cultures never have even seen a bra, and their breasts don't sag. The ones that do have literally been trained and forced to point down. They like that.
Hutchinson - Singer
   by Sydney Ross Singer
A 2014 'study' was done by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington, that made claims that are not at all factual. Two articles address this 'study' and point out why it is not at all proving what they are claiming that it proves. For one thing, the study did not even interview any women that do not wear a bra. How can that prove not wearing one does NOT cause cancer?
Hutchinson - Smith.
by Ken L. Smith, BHF
Should Bra Usage Become A Standard Question In Breast Cancer Research?  by Sydney Ross Singer New Study From Iran Says 'Yes'! With more and more studies being done that show a connection between the wearing of a bra and a diagnosis of  breast cancer, the question is raised about why the history of a woman's use of a bra is not considered in all breast cancer research. With foot problems, we ask about the shoes we wear. With breast problems, we DON'T ask about the bra we wear. Why not?