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Breast Awareness
Overview ~


ur bodies are very complex machines, and we address them as a dichotomy. First, we want to be assured that they are just like everyone else's body, and second, we want to be different in some special way. We want acceptance, and yet we want individuality.

There are several reasons why it is important for us to have an awareness of our body. First we want to be sure that we are "OK". We want assurance that we are "normal", or like the rest of the people (…of course, we would not complain if we were just a little bit "better" than the rest of the people, would we?). Breasts are thought of as a separate part of our body, and it is important that we be pleased with how they are developing (or have developed). We often find ourselves comparing parts of our body to someone else's body. We can become stressed when we realize that we are not a "carbon copy" of someone who's body we admire. To be aware of how you might expect to develop, read The Five Stages Of Breast Development.

Something else that we need to be aware of is what we do to our body every day. What we feed it, how we care for it, and making sure that we detect any illnesses or injuries are all important. Our breasts are influenced by what we eat, how we exercise, and whether we lose or gain weight, as well as other things that we do. When we wear clothes, we wear them for several reasons. We need to be sure that by doing so, we are helping our body, and not causing further harm. Read about The 'Purpose' Of The Bra, to see if you are aware of what that garment actually does (and does not) do for you.

After you read about "The 'Purpose' Of The Bra", if you have an interest in reading comments from women that have already taken the steps necessary to adjust their style of dressing, and have gained the benefits of reducing the amount that they wear a bra, take a look at Bra-Free. If you wish to add your commentary to that column, please feel free to send in your story. Send it to  Ken@BreastNotes.com. You will have full editorial control over how it is presented.

Some ladies have taken the issue of breast restriction caused by the use of a bra and tight clothing to a higher level. They are taking the lead in dressing more comfortably by not only eliminating the usage of a bra in most situations, but living as comfortably as their male counterparts by eliminating their top when they are in similar situations that lead men to shed their upper covering. We are observing a growing number of public locations where being top-free has been established through tradition or informal agreement with local residents. This may seem extreme to many in our society, but read what a few of our readers have to say about their own experiences in living out the dream of a  Top-Freedom world. More information can be found on Topfree Equal Rights Association's  website (www.tera.ca/). Dr. Paul Rapoport, the Coordinator of TERA and Ken Smith from BreastNotes have communicated for many years.

If you are pregnant, or if you are inducing lactation, you may have some interest in monitoring the progress your breasts are making toward full lactation. Examples of nipple pigmentation and "breast veining" are offered in Breast Visual Signs . The images are also helpful in monitoring your external visual changes in your breasts that may occur over time due to internal breast changes that you should be concerned about.

One of the concerns ladies have when they contemplate the concept of not wearing a bra, whether it would be a decision made for comfort, of for the sake of better breast health, is that they have been told all of their lives that if they do not wear a bra most of the time their breasts will "stretch" and "sag" and "droop"... all scary thoughts that they do not want to deal with. The article Do The Natives Wear Bras? shows how this should not be a concern.

In 2014 a study was done by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle Washington that published their conclusion in the media, but there is question about whether their claim is accurate. We have two articles that address that study. One is listed as Hutchinson - Singer and is written by Sydney Ross Singer. The second is a synopsis of the study by Ken L. Smith and is listed as Hutchinson - Smith.

Please help us to find some real answers about breast cancer. If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer any time during your lifetime, please click on Breast Cancer Survey - No 1 to provide valuable information. It will only take a couple of minutes of your time to complete. Your privacy is guaranteed.