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Breast Self-Examination
~ Overview ~


reast Cancer, like all cancers, will eventually cause death if it is allowed to progress through our body for a long enough time. Something that we can do for ourselves, to monitor whether we have breast cancer, is to perform a Breast Self Examination. Involve your partner and make it a part of your personal relationship. If performing a BSE can possibly save us from experiencing the tragedy of having to fight breast cancer, then that time will be very well spent, indeed. It is very easy to do, and takes only a few minutes of our time.

Doing a BSE will not prevent breast cancer. If you find anything when you do your BSE, that means you already have it and it is threatening you, but you found it earlier than if you waited for your next visit to your doctor.

Some people do not do a monthly exam, because they are afraid of what they might find, or they feel that they would rather not know if they have breast cancer. That is a seriously flawed concept, because with a simple self-examination that we can do for ourselves, we have a very good chance of finding breast cancer before it gets very large. If we catch breast cancer early enough, we have a good possibility of surviving it. We are seeing five-year survival rates of above 94%. The rates are much lower if we do not find the cancer early, especially if it metastasizes (spreads throughout the body).

Other people do not do a monthly exam because they do not know how to do it. Well, take a look at How To Do A Breast Self Examination and we will point out what you need to know to do a good exam.

In October, 2015, The American Cancer Society changed their recommendations regarding Breast Self-Examinations, Clinical Breast Examinations, and Mammograms. Some changes sound promising but other changes seem to be less than wise. Read the whole story here:

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