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General Cancer
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General Cancer Information, With A Concentration On Breast Cancer

s we go through life, our bodies are susceptible to many negative things. One of those things is Cancer. Nearly every part of the human body could support malignant cellular growth, so cancers are given names that reflect the part of the body in which the malignancy originated. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers that women get. Breast cancer does not affect only women. It affects men, too, through their partners, wives, mothers and sisters. But, men have breasts too, and they can suffer from a malignancy in their breast the same as a woman can.

We want you to be aware of these (and other) facts, and we want to assist you in learning as much as you can about breast cancer. As a more knowledgeable person, you may be able to avoid a problem that might appear later, or you may better understand what someone that is suffering from breast cancer is facing every day.


Suspected Causes

Another Overview

Most people are curious about where breast cancer comes from, because they hold onto the dream that by knowing what causes breast cancer, they can avoid getting it.  We are seriously limited by the lack of real knowledge about what causes cancer, but here are some articles that should help you understand what it is and how we can best avoid it.
Breast Massage

Another Overview

Several experts have contributed some interesting information about breast massage. They talk about how to do it and why you would want to do it. You will find some interesting theories and concepts here, information that every woman may want to find out about.
Types of Breast Cancer And you just thought that there was one type of breast cancer. There are at least fifteen different types of breast cancer, and they have multiple names... up to twenty-five different names.
Treatment Of Breast Cancer

If you or someone special in your life has been diagnosed with breast cancer, you are probably wondering what the next step will be. The doctors will do what they know to be the best thing, to stop the cancer from growing any further, and hopefully to make the cancer go away. Second opinions are a very good idea, because some doctors are more current on certain aspects of the treatment of breast cancer than other doctors may be. Each case is completely individual, but this will give you a general idea of what is happening in this medical field.

Risk Factors for Breast Cancer If you know about certain things that raise the chances of your being diagnosed with breast cancer, you may be able to avoid them, or at least minimize them. These are known as risk factors, and we all have some of them.
By Syd Singer
News Reports from a leading charity is misleading many others by not truthfully representing factual and important medical discoveries.
by Syd Singer
When we are not willing to look past old traditions, cultural habits, and taboos, we show that we are not interested in preventing Breast Cancer and saving lives.
Chemotherapy and Food When a patient is on chemotherapy, their taste buds are temporarily affected, and food does not taste the same to them. This causes them to not eat as much, and at this time in their life, that is not good. This article talks about things they can do to prevent them from having weight loss.
Partners And Support Persons Many people that suffer from serious (and often deadly) diseases have said that having the disease is the easier part. The harder part is being the support person; the one that is always there, flawlessly serving their every need, tirelessly holding their hand, speaking the kind words that get them through the days (and the long nights). We want to offer some suggestions for those that serve as partners and support persons .
Links Keep informed about new medical procedures, new drugs, drug trials, etc. Each organization tries to maintain a website with current information, making them a valuable resource for both the patient and the support person

Topics Of Interest
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Also, you will find many good resources in our topics of interest section.