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~ Overview ~

You need no doctor to tell you... you need no scientific research... all you have to do is take off the bra for a week.
You will know the answer to... Do I Need To Wear A Bra?

ll through this website are articles that talk about the bra. What the bra is supposed to do. What it does to your lymphatic system. How it changes your breast shape, How it affects your breast health. But by adding this new section to BreastNotes.com we can gather all of those loose pieces together. If you are curious, and wondering about why you would want to join the tens of thousands of women that have taken off their bras... for good... and for their own benefit... then this Overview will help you to gather together enough information to help you to form your opinion. It is your health. They are your breasts. It is your life. It should be your decision.

Keep in mind that there may be any of several reasons that a woman wishes to not wear a bra, and there may be several reasons that 'tell' her that she cannot go bra-free. Some want "sexual equality" because men are not required to wear bras, so why should women be required to wear them? They both have breasts and nipples. Maybe an employer requires a woman to wear a bra to work, but for what reason is given for them to wear the bra? Is it because their nipples show? They show through the bra as well, and men don't have to cover their nipples. Is it because the bra is just very uncomfortable to wear? That certainly seems to be a good enough reason to not wear one. Well, for BreastNotes.com, it is more than that. It is ALL of those reasons, but more importantly, it is for good breast health. We know that more than five international studies have shown that bras cause damage to breasts. They cause cysts to form, they cause breasts to sag earlier, they cause breasts to remain at a higher temperature than they are designed to be, and that causes problems, and they cause lymphatic stasis... the stagnation of lymphatic fluids that usually keep the breast tissue cells clear of debris, so waste products do not build up in the breasts, preventing the defective cells from being flushed away, resulting in breast cancer. THAT is why every woman should have the right to NOT wear a bra. Forcing her to wear one is taking away her opportunity to eliminate what she may believe to be the major cause of breast cancer. Should anyone, or any employer or administrator have the right to do that?

Similar to the purpose of the rest of this website, the intent in getting you to decide to try living without a bra is  intended to improve your breast health. And it can also be to save your life. Statistics tell us that last year nearly one third of a million women were diagnosed with breast cancer. The raw figure was 316,000 and many more will be diagnosed this year, making more that one million women every three years. On the other hand, just short of 2,500 men were diagnosed with breast cancer last year as well.2

No, don't say "Women have breasts and men don't." Men have breasts and nipples, and some are larger than some women's breasts. And don't say it is because women are ... you know... women. Breast cancer is not something that is synonymous with a person's sex. We know from the research done by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer that women who wear a bra 24 hours a day are 125 times more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer than women who have never worn a bra1. And women that never wear a bra are only as likely to have breast cancer as a man. I repeat: Women with breasts and lots of estrogen have the same risk of breast cancer as a man has, if she does not wear a bra. And people have trouble believing that. At least five other International studies of women have supported the Singer/Grismaijer results. Are we waiting for it to be engraved in stone on a mountaintop before we "accept" this simple truth?

A lot of people are going out of their way to convince you that this is not a true fact, or not an "accepted" fact. Meanwhile, those same people continue to pocket lots of your money from selling diagnostic machines to cancer facilities, medications, doctor's office visits, hospital operating rooms, and pretty bras you buy, while 316,000 women and 2,500 men are diagnosed with breast cancer, and more than 42,000 of those die.

Can you do anything about it? Yes. Can you trust what these researchers say? What do you have to lose? ...besides your breasts... or your life. Will not wearing a bra eliminate breast cancer? No, but you can lower your risk from 125 times greater than a man's chances for breast cancer, to be equal to a man's risk, and 2,500 cases is a lot better than 316,000 cases in my book, all day long.

"OK, you convinced me. What can I do... or I guess I should ask: What do I need to know to become bra-free?" Well, it is quite simple, but it can cause some concern. Women wear a bra for many reasons, and sadly, several of their reasons are strong enough to override their common sense about their breast health. Many articles in this website address all off those concerns. But the real test will be: Will you be able to place the health of your breasts as number one in your choice as to what to wear when you wake up?

Let's take care of one very important thing right off: Why are you wearing a bra to bed? Every bad thing that a bra does to your breasts during the day it will still do during the night. Wearing a bra will not prevent your breasts from drooping as you get older. Wearing a bra actually makes them droop more quickly. The bra is more comfortable? Don't wear a bra to bed for the next week, and then tell me if you still believe that it is more comfortable to wear one to bed. Studies are being done to learn the dangers of your breasts being kept warmer than normal in a bra. We were not born with a bra. Our bodies are not intended to wear a bra. The bra is 101 years old this year. People have been around for a lot longer than that... without bras. We do not need to wear a bra.

Make it easy on yourself. Leave your bra off when you are at home this week-end. Yes, depending upon your breast size, you will likely feel some discomfort for a while, as your ligaments that have been getting really lazy for all of these years have to start doing their job now, and they will soon heave-to and you will feel new-found freedom and comfort that you never thought possible.

After doing that for a couple of week-ends, go ahead and try making it through a whole week. By then the new tensions will be less... or gone, and you are going to be asking yourself "Tell me again... why am I wearing this harness?"

If you would like some help, or some encouragement, consider joining the International Bra-Free Study, which is a small group of very special women who are taking the step to be without the bra full-time. They are gaining valuable information that will help researchers to know the answers... answers that you will already know, due to your experiencing it first-hand. You will be one of those that did not say "I'm confused... is it OK to be bra-free? Do I need to ask my doctor? Should I ask the bra-fitter at Macy's if I should wear a bra?" You have nothing to lose by trying it yourself, and finding out in a very short time, that you absolutely do not need to wear a bra, and when you do wear one, you are causing your breasts to be uncomfortable, to take on an unnatural shape, to restrict their lymphatic system, to cause soreness and pains and to develop breast cysts, and... you know the big one... bras prevent breasts from functioning normally, and that forces a higher risk for them to develop breast cancer.

Questions about being bra-free? Join the group, or write to me (Ken) directly and I will answer any of your questions (BreastCare@comcast.net) . It will ultimately be your decision to make. The important thing to understand is that the sooner you live bra-free, the lower your risk will be for being diagnosed with breast cancer over your lifetime. Is anyone you know doubting that? Just ask yourself what that doubting person is gaining from your continuing to wear a bra. And ask yourself, what would YOU gain by NOT wearing the bra.

 If you would  like to know more about the International Bra-Free Study, you can visit the website where it explains the study, what is expected of each member, what the purpose for the study is, and that is where you can sign up to join the study. In that study, you will not only have support in your living bra-free, but you will be part of the world's first official group of bra-free women designed to help researchers to understand the bra-cancer link. Possibly the world's healthiest breasts.

 The INTERNATIONAL BRA-FREE STUDY at: https://www.brasandbreastcancer.org/international-bra-free-study.html    and also at: https://brafreestudy.com/ 

1. Singer, S. R. and Grismaijer, S., (2018). DRESSED TO KILL: The Link Between
     Breast Cancer And Bras
, (2nd Ed.) (p.104), Garden City Park, NY: Square One Publishers, Inc.

2. https://www.cancer.org/content/dam/cancer-org/research/cancer-facts-and-statistics/breast-cancer-facts-and-figures/breast-cancer-facts-and-figures-2017-2018.pdf 

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There are many articles in BreastNotes that talk about various subjects associated with being bra-free. You can access them from here. You will have the option to return to this Overview, or to other locations in the website.


This gallery contains Before and After images of clients that have volunteered to take images of their breasts when they made the life-style choice to live Bra-Free. We can see how their breasts change back to their natural beauty, after living their lives in a restrictive, shape-forming bra.


With dress codes in existence, we have to make decisions when we get dressed that may conflict with our personal feelings about breast health.This will help you to decide whether wearing a bra is right for your breast health. Also, this article may you to answer some of the questions that others ask you about why you decided to be bra-free.


Our society says: "You will wear a bra", and 350,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. But instead of removing the bra, society prefers that we destroy animals in the name of "Scientific Research", even though animals never wear bras. Our customs are killing us, as well as a lot of senseless animal destruction.


Blowing the Whistle on Bra Harassment at Work


Have you been told that you must wear a bra to work? This news release describes a woman in BC, Canada, who was fired because she did not want to wear a bra that was, in her view, uncomfortable and not healthy.

'It's a human rights issue': Women fight for the right to be braless on the job  
by Sophia Harris                   9/01/18

BC woman filed a human rights complaint over demand she wear a bra at work. https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/women-workplace-bra-human-rights-1.4806342
East Side Mario's waitress complains about manager's demand that she wear a bra 
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Timmins case raises question of whether an employer can control female worker's underwear.
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The fight to go braless: Montreal students push back against school's directive       CBC News      6/05/18 Students at girls' school Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie launch petition to make bra-wearing optional.  https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/montreal-private-school-bra-dress-code-1.4691826 

Most women care a lot about how they look to others, and how their clothing fits them. Making the positive step of removing the bra can change how clothing fits them. These tips help them to make informed decisions when selecting clothing, so that they still look as fabulous as they did before removing their bra.


Clothing manufacturers design clothing to fit women with bras, not natural women without bras. But before you go out and buy a whole new wardrobe, let's take a look at how some of your favorite things in your closet fit you before we spend a fortune. By chosing the right combinations of pieces, we can structure some nice outfits that will make you look fabulous, without that bra.


You may think the answer is an obvious one, but read this article and find out the truth. All of those "beautiful women" that we see every day on the computer and in movies and on TV... they don't always wear a bra, so why should you? Breast health is a serious matter.


Want to hear the wisdom of the masses? What do other women think about not wearing bras? Let these personal, self-posted video vignettes bring you some peer reviews on being bra-free.


Visitors to this website have written notes describing their thoughts and reasons for making their decision to eliminate the pain and discomfort of the bra, and to live bra-free.


You have determined that your breasts will benefit from your being bra-free, but what about your daughter? Is her breast health not also important? Will you allow society to force her into wearing a bra the same as what happened to you? Or is it time to teach her how important breast health is, and what bras do to breasts?

My #MeToo Moment With My Bra

The true story behind the woman that started the revolution. Soma Grismaijer experienced breast issues that most women have faced, but she and her husband designed the research that proved that it was the wearing of the bra that was causing her breast issues.

How Bras Cause Lymph Stasis And Breast Cancer

"So, why do I need to get rid of my bra? Is it the discomfort, the tightness, the wires, or what?" This article states the real reason the bra is responsible for complications of the breast, including mastalgia (breast pain), cysts, and other concerns like breast cancer. Removing the bra improves natural lymphatic flow in the breasts, removing most of these conditions.

Whom Do I Believe?

As you might suspect, there is more to the story about whether you just stop wearing a bra or not. Many people make a lot of money when you buy a bra... and also when you go in for your annual mammogram... and visit your doctor every time your breasts have pains and cysts... and a lot of money changes hands when you have breast cancer. And who is the eventual loser? Uh huh. You!


When you dig into the articles that describe research into the bra/breast cancer link, you will notice something that is missing: The Bra!  Just like a politician that blames everyone and everything but themselves for losing, "researchers" blame diet, overweight, age, genetics, hormones, medications, and all sorts of other things, but they never mention the influence the bra may have on the breasts. If a person lives in a home for 40 years and he is sick all those years, would we not consider the home to possibly be a problem? Breasts live in bras for decades... but they still don't consider the bra to be part of the problem?


Read what a doctor says about the research done by Singer and Grismaijer concerning the lymphatic flow and  how the bra restricts it from functioning.

A Thank You Letter To Syd Singer

An unsolicited letter from a woman that experienced major changes in her life when she eliminated a bra from her daily fashion choices.


The whole bra/breast cancer issue revolves around our lymphatic system, which very few people are even aware of in most cases. Easy to see why the bra issue is hard to accept. This will talk in basic human terms about that wonderful system, that highly sensitive and vulnerable system that essentially is the Garbage System of our bodies. 


You think about muscles when you hear "massage", but breasts have no muscles. The breast massage is done to aid the lymphatic system to do its tough job... the job that the bra works all day long defeating, causing the real breast problems. 


Another doctor explains the workings of the lymphatic system in the breasts and how important it is to preventing breast cancer. Here's a shocker: a poorly functioning lymphatic system can cause breast cancer... so we really should know a lot more about that system. 


And yet another doctor talks about how important proper breast lymphatics are to breast health and the prevention of breast cancer... and how the bra works constantly to defeat the function of the breast lymphatic system.