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"Is It Wrong If I
Don't Wear A Bra To School?"

December 28, 2018

Syd Singer, a frequent contributor to BreastNotes.com, a co-originator of the Bra and Breast Cancer Study, and co-author of "DRESSED TO KILL - The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras" Volume Two responded to a question on a Q&A website called “Quora”, and we felt that it was a beautifully written answer to anyone that wonders about wearing a bra to school. Or, if you are recently converted to the bra-free lifestyle, it may help you answer any questions that your friends may ask regarding why you want to be bra-free. There may be some reasons mentioned here that you may not have thought about.

Also, since this is written to a young school student, it may help you in talking with your daughter or granddaughter... someone that can gain as much… or more… from being bra-free as you can. This may help to talk to her and help answer questions that she may have.

If you are a student, and you realize that being bra-free would be best for you, one thing that is certain is that the Dean of Girls or principal of your school is faced with the responsibilities of upholding some sort of "dress code", and either the code specifically states that girls must wear a bra, or it says that they cannot cause other students to be "distracted from their studies". Either 'rule' is unfair, and deserves to be reviewed, but to make things easier for you, just dress so that your being bra-free is not obvious. There are several articles on this website that help with suggestions that make being bra-free less of a "spectator sport", which is not what you want.

And please remember: If push comes to shove and you are 'forced' to wear a "bra", wear a loose-fitting bra, and put it on in the restroom after you get to school and before class. And remove it after class, before you head home. Every hour your breasts are restricted can mean a higher risk of breast cysts, breast cancer and discomfort. If you walk home, that will provide excellent breast drainage therapy.

We thank Mr. Singer for his sharing this article with us. If you want to see the original question posted on Quora, the link is https://www.quora.com/Is-it-wrong-if-I-dont-wear-a-bra-to-school/answer/Sydney-Singer?__filter__=&__nsrc__=5&__snid3__=3677457762. Or… you can read the full article here,


Is it wrong if I don't wear a bra to school?

Hi. I am a breast cancer researcher, co-author of “Dressed to Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras”, and an expert on the health hazards of bras.

Not wearing a bra would be the best thing you can do for your breast health and for your self-esteem.

There is no reason to wear bras apart from fashion. The female breast was not designed by nature to require 20th Century lingerie for “support”. Actually, bras don’t support the breasts, but instead lift the breasts to an unnatural position, creating an artificial shape which is unhealthy.

Bras cause all sorts of breast problems. That’s because the purpose of bras is to alter breast shape, and this is accomplished by applying constant pressure to the breasts. This pressure constricts the lymphatic circulation in the breasts, resulting in breast pain and cysts, and can lead to breast cancer.

Bras also cause the breasts to become weak and droopy. That’s because the artificial support from the bra makes the natural suspensory ligaments in the breasts weak and atrophy from non-use. Bras actually make breasts heavy with fluid, too, which make them droop more with time.

Bras also cause headaches, backaches, poor posture, skin irritation and de-pigmentation, reduced breathing, reduced digestive function, and reduced self-esteem.

Our culture has a weird obsession with breasts and nipples, and trains men and women to see breasts and nipples as sexual. In bra-free cultures, the sight of nipples poking through a shirt are not arousing. In our culture, men can have exposed nipples and it is not arousing. The culture makes an issue out of female breasts and their shape and appearance to sell lingerie. It’s all sales hype.

Fortunately, some of the harmful effects of wearing bras are reversible, to an extent. When women stop wearing them, they report that their breast pain and cysts go away, and their breasts lift and tone. They also say they feel better about themselves without feeling the need to worry about their breast shape, and they report being better able to breathe deeply without a tight band around the chest.

As for bras causing breast cancer, numerous studies around the world show that to be the case. Our research showed that bra-free women have about the same risk of breast cancer as men, while the tighter and longer the bra is worn the higher the risk rises, to over 100 times higher for a 24/7 bra user compared to a bra-free woman. So, not wearing a bra is the best thing you can do to prevent breast cancer and have healthy, happy breasts.

More women are now choosing to be bra-free, including many celebrities who know about the bra-cancer link. Of course, there is lots of money at stake for the bra companies, and cancer detection and treatment are big money, too, so the culture is not very interested in the bra-cancer link. And the issue is very emotional for some insecure women who are frightened about the idea of being bra-free, so they go into denial about the harms caused by bras. Doctors don’t want to confront women about their bra usage, so they tend to ignore this issue, too. So, you will probably find lots of misinformation about the bra-cancer link.

If boys comment on your being bra-free, then those boys should be taught how to be respectful to others. It should not make you conform to unhealthy and uncomfortable fashions. You need to stand up for your right to be free and healthy. They are your breasts, and you should be able to choose what you wear, or don’t wear.

There are thoughtless and immature people in the world you need to ignore. Anyone who tries to shame you for not wearing a bra is trying to control you. Being an adult means standing up for yourself and not letting others define what you do or who you are. Some insecure women have trouble with this and will wear bras to appease others. These women are more likely to develop breast cancer.

At one time, corsets were deemed essential to wear, and corsets were disabling and killing women from constriction. That fashion lasted centuries and didn’t stop until women said "no" to corsets. The same thing has to happen with bras… and IS happening. Bra sales are down, and bra-free fashions are now considered normal and acceptable. It takes time to overcome the powers of the fashion industry, but change is possible when people just say no.

Fortunately, the choice is yours. High school girls have been objecting to dress codes that require bras and have been winning. See "My high school abolished its sexist dress code. Things got better.".

Also, see Teen Vogue’s article on why you don’t have to wear bras. There's Actually No Real Reason You Need to Wear A Bra (Unless You Want To).

Let your school principal know that bras are a health hazard. If they ask how, send them to my website https://brasandbreastcancer.org.

Good luck to you. Life lessons like this one are important to master.