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For Top-Heavy Ladies

"Who makes fashions for larger-breasted ladies?"

submitted by a beautiful, anonymous lady

Women that are larger-breasted often have trouble finding suitable fashions that fit them in  the bust without being too large in the shoulders or the waist. Women want to look elegant, and they are not interested in wearing baggy or loose clothing. To look nice these ladies are forced to either break out the sewing machine or find a dressmaker that can modify the dress or blouse to fit them properly.

Because this is often a problem, we are sharing a note and an image from a friend that wants to tell everyone about a company she found that offers women's clothing in sizes that are a bit unusual. They offer as many as three versions of each article of clothing, in each size. They have what they refer to as "Curvy Sizes". Curvy, Really Curvy and Super Curvy. Here is her image and letter:

"This is a lace dress from Pepperberry.
Iím really passionate about the way these clothes fit. After trying 3 different fittings (Curvy, Really Curvy and Super Curvy) I found as near perfect fit that I was able: Really Curvy. I tend to order all 3 fittings of my size and return the two that do not fit as well. I cannot sing the praises of this site enough. Itís so refreshing to not need to buy tops and dresses that are a size larger and then have the stress of taking them to the tailors to be altered. This is one of the first dresses that I have not needed to be adjusted. Iíve waited a long time for this. The quality of the garments at Pepperberry are above what you would find at department stores and I consider that the styles would be flattering to large ladies who choose not to wear a bra. As you can see, many of the tops on Pepper Ďgatherí around the bust line, which gives a more shapely effect. "


The company is called Pepperberry - Clothes Designed With Your Boobs In Mind

and can be seen here: http://www.bravissimo.com/pepperberry/

When you visit their website, go to the top of the page and click on "Currency" and it will change all of the pricing to the currency you recognize, for sake of price comparison.

Also, their website has a lot of good information that can be of assistance in choosing  fashions that are correct for your shape.

One example is:

Ten tips for bigger boobs

  • If you donít want to make your boobs appear bigger, keep it simple! Over fussy detail around the bust area can make your boobs look bigger
  • Avoid sleeves that fall in line with your boobs if you donít want to draw attention to your bust area or risk looking wider than you actually are. Cap, three-quarter or full length sleeves are usually more flattering
  • Buttons above the bust line can make your boobs look bigger
  • Loose styles hanging from the boobs can make you look bigger in the body than you are, fitted styles are often more flattering for those of us with bigger boobs
  • High neck tops and polo necks can make women with bigger boobs look matronly
  • V-necks break up the chest area and help to ensure your bust doesn't appear larger than it actually is
  • Horizontal stripes donít have to make your boobs look bigger, opt for narrow stripes and break them up with a solid colour jacket or cardigan
  • If you want to distract from your boobs wear a bow or corsage at shoulder point. Chunky bangles can be used to detract attention from the bust area
  • Wrap styles look great if you have bigger boobs as they pull you in at the waist
  • Generally, light coloured tops and dark bottoms will emphasise your boobs, and darker tops and light bottoms will draw attention away from your bust

Remember, this is only a guide, we all have our own wardrobe personality and ultimately you should wear whatever you think makes you look and feel fabulous!

Property of: Pepperberry - Clothes Designed With Your Boobs In Mind