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How Do I Avoid Getting Breast Cancer?

When I originally set up this website, this is how I addressed breast cancer causes:

"We do not know very much about cancer, except for two things: cancer is a condition where regular body cells divide too rapidly and form a mass or other symptom, and is instrumental in destroying many lives. And we know that cancer is a condition described as a rapid and erratic cellular division and growth in the body."

Well, that is all still true, except for the first sentence. We are smarter now. We have gained enough wisdom from the following articles and multiple new studies that we now know how breast cancer cells are formed from normal breast cells. Carcinogenic chemicals we all ingest through air we breath, water we drink, and food we eat, and those chemicals get into all our body cells. The reason the breasts are where the cancer is most likely to affect a woman is because her bra restricts the natural removal of those chemicals, and the DNA of the breast cells are altered because those chemicals are allowed to reside next to the breast cells for too long a time.

All cells work their full lives, divide and reproduce, and die, but they normally do it in a controlled manner. Cancer is when the cells divide and reproduce at an accelerated rate, multiple times before they die, creating a tumor or mass that alters the function of an organ of the body. We know now that it is those carcinogenic chemicals that are trapped in the bra-enclosed breasts that change a normal breast cell's DNA to make it into a breast cancer cell that duplicates itself faster than the original cell can die off. That creates the mass. We can now say that we know what causes breast cancer. We can now tell you, with certainty, what to stay away from to avoid the chance of cancer developing in your body. That would be the bra. ANY type of bra. Recent research has even suggested that our bodies constantly have the beginning of cancer, but with good lymphatic drainage of the breasts, it is flushed away. The bra hinders that removal and the new breast cancer cells are trapped in the breast, developing into breast cancer.

There are certain risks that we take in our lives that are seemingly directly  associated with bodies that eventually have a cancer. Multiple international studies have agreed that wearing a bra is a cause of breast cancer.  Unfortunately, there are many stories about political agendas and business interests "clouding" or blocking the release of some of the results of tests, or preventing the tests from taking place at all. This promising discovery of the bra/breast cancer connection is being purposely kept from us because too many people make too much money from cancer research, treatment, and diagnosis, and from selling bras to allow a cure to be pursued.

We hope that we can help you change that, by your actions.

DOUBLE-BLINDED MEDICINE When Doctor and Patient Are Both in the Dark
by Sydney Ross Singer
Quality research requires a "Double-Blind" study that compares "untreated" individuals against "treated" individuals, to test the effectiveness of a treatment, but sometimes those who are doing the study can be so blinded that they may actually miss the obvious. Such is the case when studies for foot conditions do not even consider the changes done to the feet by shoes. Really? Someone would do that?
How Bras Cause Lymph Stasis And Breast Cancer by Sydney Ross Singer Recent studies have shown that if lymphatic fluid is prevented from flowing, cancer can be a result. That ties in directly with multiple studies that have proven wearing a bra can prevent the fluid from flowing in the breasts, and that leads to a higher risk of breast cancer. This article discusses these recent studies.
My #MeToo Moment With My Bra by Soma Grismaijer An interesting view, from the lady that was the catalyst for the beginning of the Bra and Breast Cancer Study. Soma Grismaijer tells about how her breast lump started their search for the answer to the question about the cause of breast disease. It had indeed come too close to the heart, so she and her husband took on the challenge, and we all gained from it.
The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras   By Jeff Rockel Jeff Rockel has contributed an article describing a book that cautions us to pay more attention to possible causes of breast cancer that come from the clothing that we wear. Jeff has written an excellent review of the book, "DRESSED TO KILL - The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras", authored by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer, Medical Anthropologists and authors.
Dressed To Kill - Second Edition by Ken L. Smith After learning so much from their first edition of this wonderful book, we now have the opportunity to review their results from their 1991 - 1993 Bra and Breast Cancer Study done in the U.S., as well as the results from their second study of women in Fiji in one book.
Bra Cancer   By Sydney Ross Singer This gives a synopsis of what you will find in his and Soma Grismaijer's book "Dressed To Kill", and mentions some of what they have written in their follow-up book, "GET IT OFF! - Understanding The Cause Of..... BREAST PAIN, CYSTS, and CANCER". Mr. Singer's article pretty much tells you wherein Singer places the blame for 70% of the cases of breast cancer that we are seeing today. I think that by reading this article you will be anxious to get both books and read them.
The Purpose of the Bra
By Ken L. Smith, BHF
Just why do women wear a bra? There actually are many reasons to do so, but the problem that we are finding is that the bra restricts the cleansing flow of the lymphatic fluids in the breasts, and that allows toxins to build up in the breasts and cause breast cancer.
Exporting Breast Cancer, One Bra At A Time   By Sydney Ross Singer Another article from Mr. Singer discusses the likely causes for breast cancer rates to be recently escalating in some of the poorest parts of the world. Sydney draws our attention to the fact that those people in those poor countries are more than likely among those that have recently changed their life-styles to match the requirements of Western companies, which uncharacteristically (for them) includes their wearing a bra.
A Thank You Letter To Syd Singer
by Chrristine Riggs
A grateful woman thanks Syd Singer for the work he has done to resolve the problem of breast cysts and inflammation.
Bra and Breast Cancer Cover-Up
By Sydney Ross Singer
"Bras & the Breast Cancer Cover-up" takes an open view (and quite blunt accounting) of some of the corporations, organizations and institutions that Singer and his fellow research staff at the Institute for the Study of Culturogenic Disease have documented to have actively repressed or "buried" the conclusions of research studies and surveys about the bra/breast cancer connection. You will find yourself asking the question: "So why do these organizations NOT want this critical information to be known by the public?" You may also ask yourself (and others): "Why has no one actually attempted to prove this seemingly obvious and logical hypothesis to be a false one?" Can it be that there is some validity to the questionable actions by industries about which these researchers are telling us?
The Mammogram Scam
By Sydney Ross Singer
The purpose of a mammogram is to locate a disease that is present in the breast.  The Mammogram Scam  addresses the fact that it would be far better for the medical field and the women facing breast cancer to concentrate more on the elimination of the cause of breast cancer, rather than only testing to see if it has shown up yet.
Breast Cancer IS Preventable
by Sydney Ross Singer
There are countless references on the internet that tell you that breast cancer is something that we cannot avoid, and that the bra has nothing to do with breast cancer. This article gives you multiple sources of reliable, proven information, showing that by removiing the bra, there is a good chance that you will not have to face breast cancer in your lifetime.
The Breast Defense Against Violence - Ban the Bra
By Sydney Ross Singer
No, this is not an essay to bring back the Flower Power of the past 'Hippie Generation'. It is a plea to consider how you are abusing your body by allowing public opinion to direct you to do things to yourself that causes you great harm. Breasts get sick because the bra abuses them, and you can change that, yourself... right now.
Are You Dressing 'Organically'?
By Ken L. Smith, BHF
Many women do excellent work in selecting organically-grown foods and food that has not been prepared in a way that it carries toxins and chemicals that will cause troubles in their bodies. However, regardless of how well they do that, some toxins will get into their bodies, and into their breast tissues. Those toxins can cause breast cancer. So, we ask the question: "Are you also dressing Organically?"
Could There Possibly Be a Link Between Underwire Bras and Breast Cancer?
By Dr. Habib Sadeghi D. O.
Dr. Habib Sadeghi D.O. from.Los Angeles, California writes an interesting article in which he presents his observations and opinion on the research done with regard to the connection between the link between breast cancer and the wearing of a bra.
They Never Mention The Bra!
By Ken L. Smith, BHF
Anytime you read about any study done on breast cancer, you will note that one item is missing. They never mention the bra. If a murder happened on the Orient Express, would we not interrogate everyone on the train? Or would we excuse the conductor? Why do we not evaluate the effect of the bra on the breasts? The few studies that included the bra found it to be very much involved in a higher risk of breast cancer.
Bra VS Breast Cancer: Whom Do I Believe?  By Ken L. Smith, BHF If you really want to know the truth about wearing a bra and getting breast cancer, where do you go to learn the truth? With the internet being your most-often used source of information, you can find tons of information that argue both ways... Pro and Con. Whom do I believe?


A PERSONAL LETTER   By Ken Smith A personal letter that I wrote to those women that are special to me, to help them be informed about the true facts concerning the connection between wearing a bra and breast cancer, so they can decide for themselves what they want to do about wearing a bra.