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Suspected Causes
~ Overview ~

How Do I Avoid Getting Breast Cancer?

We do not know very much about cancer, except for two things: cancer is a condition   where regular body cells divide too rapidly and form a mass or other symptom, and   that cancer is instrumental in destroying many lives. We know that cancer is a condition   that is described as a rapid and erratic cellular division and growth in the body.

 All cells   divide and reproduce, but they normally do it in a controlled manner. Cancer is when   the cells divide and reproduce at an accelerated rate, and because we do not know   why this happens, we cannot say that we know what causes cancer. Consequently, we   cannot tell you what to stay away from to avoid the chance of cancer developing in your body. Recent research has even suggested that our bodies all have the beginning of cancer, just waiting for some "trigger" to set its uncontrolled progress into action.

What we DO know is that there are certain risks that we take in our lives that are seemingly directly  associated with bodies that eventually have a cancer. We are sure about some of them, and we are testing others. There are some other suspected risks that probably need to be tested, but have not attracted the attention of enough of the medical community to get the necessary funding for the needed testing. Unfortunately, there are many stories about political agendas and business interests "clouding" or blocking the release of some of the results of tests, or preventing the tests from taking place at all.

Jeff Rockel has contributed an article describing a book that cautions us to pay more attention to possible causes of breast cancer that come from the clothing that we wear. Jeff has written an excellent review of the book, "DRESSED TO KILL - The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras", authored by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer, Medical Anthropologists and authors. You may want to Jeff's Review.

We have several articles authored by this same Sydney Ross Singer. We are blessed to receive new articles from him periodically, and we are pleased to offer them to you.


The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras   By Jeff Rockel
Bra Cancer   By Sydney Ross Singer
Exporting Breast Cancer, One Bra At A Time   By Sydney Ross Singer
Bra and Breast Cancer Cover-Up
By Sydney Ross Singer
The Mammogram Scam
By Sydney Ross Singer
The Breast Defense Against Violence - Ban the Bra
By Sydney Ross Singer
Bra VS Breast Cancer: Whom Do I Believe?  By Ken L. Smith, BHF
The Purpose of the Bra
By Ken L. Smith, BHF
Could There Possibly Be a Link Between Underwire Bras and Breast Cancer?
By Dr. Habib Sadeghi D. O. .

They Never Mention The Bra!
By Ken L. Smith, BHF


The first one gives you a little bit of a synopsis of what you will find in his and Soma Grismaijer's book "Dressed To Kill", and mentions some of what they have written in their follow-up book, "GET IT OFF! - Understanding The Cause Of..... BREAST PAIN, CYSTS, and CANCER". Mr. Singer's article "Bra Cancer" pretty much tells you wherein Singer places the blame for 70% of the cases of breast cancer that we are seeing today. I think that by reading this article you will be anxious to get both books and read them.

Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer wrote an excellent book several years ago that has become a standard bearer for those that champion the concept that the lymphatic system requires (should I say demands?) more attention. They present numbers that show why more research needs to be done with the connection between tight bras and breast cancer. Jeff Rockel has written an excellent review of their book. Check it out.

Another article from Mr. Singer discusses the likely causes for breast cancer rates to be recently escalating in some of the poorest parts of the world. Again, Sydney draws our attention to the fact that those people in those poor countries that are suddenly being diagnosed with breast cancer are more than likely among those that have recently changed their life-styles to match the requirements of Western companies, which uncharacteristically (for them) includes their wearing a bra. Read his new article here: Exporting Breast Cancer, One Bra at a Time.

"Bras & the Breast Cancer Cover-up" takes an open view (and quite blunt accounting) of some of the corporations, organizations and institutions that Singer and his fellow research staff at the Institute for the Study of Culturogenic Disease have documented to have actively repressed or "buried" the conclusions of research studies and surveys about the bra - breast cancer connection. You will find yourself asking the question: "So why do these organizations NOT want this critical information to be known by the public?" You may also ask yourself (and others): "Why has no one actually attempted to prove this seemingly obvious and logical hypothesis to be a false one?" Can it be that there is some validity to the questionable actions about which these researchers are telling us?

The purpose of a mammogram is to locate a disease that is present in the breast.  The Mammogram Scam  addresses the fact that it would be far better for the medical field and the women facing breast cancer to concentrate more on the elimination of the cause of breast cancer, rather than only testing to see if it has shown up yet.

Do you enjoy facing a problem by "thinking outside the box" and looking at that problem in different light? When we talk about violence against fellow man (or in this case... fellow woman), do we think about the violence against our bodies that a constant presence from diseases and illnesses? Breast cancer is extremely violent when it can take from a woman her peace of mind or her future... or her breast... or her life? The Breast Defense Against Violence - Ban the Bra, though the title is a play on words, addresses that violence, and we may be able to avoid that threat.

Some risk factors cannot be avoided, such as being female or going through menarche (first menstruation) at an unusually young age. However, we may be able to modify some of them, and that might actually lower our chance of getting cancer. To read more about those Risk Factors click here. Some of the risk factors may very well be causes of breast cancer that we can eliminate from our lives.

Dr. Habib Sadeghi D.O. from.Los Angeles, California writes an interesting article in which he presents his observations and opinion on the research done with regard to the connection between the link between breast cancer and the wearing of a bra, and it can be found here: Could There Possibly Be a Link Between Underwire Bras and Breast Cancer?