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Successful Re-lactation Stories

Personal Accounts Published with the Writers' Permission


A Letter from Karen:


Ken Ė I wanted to let you know of our progress in re-lactating for an ANR. My husband and I are enjoying a successful ANR experience, WITH MILK! I followed the instructions in your email and article and am producing milk from both breasts.  I donít have a large quantity, but enough for my husband to enjoy. He suckles every morning when we wake up and every night before we go to bed, and sometimes in the afternoons on the weekend. I use manual expression (Marmet massage) four times a day in addition to his two suckling times. I have a breast pump and use it once in awhile, but the hand expression works MUCH better. I rarely get any milk out when I use the pump, and I always get drops of milk and sprays when I do the hand expression.

Just wanted to let you know about our success and thank you for the research youíve done and the encouragement you provided me early on in the process...

 It would be very encouraging to those that may doubt if they could actually expect to find success, to read of the success of others. I have done so much searching on the Internet for support and help with this process and the majority of posts Iíve found are women struggling with the process and not reporting much, if any, success. 

It was so helpful and refreshing to read your articles and to email with you for helpful support. And I would love to be able to share my success on your website.




If you would be willing to share with everyone your experiences with your re-lactation or induction, I would love to post your story. I would be glad to help you write it if you would like that, and you will always maintain editorial control over it, even to the point of removing your story from the site if you so desire. If you wish to include images, send the highest resolution files and I will add them to your writing.
Please feel free to contact Ken at BreastNotes.com with any questions or thoughts.






















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