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Breast Augmentation


f a woman has breast implants, will squeezing her breasts cause them to rupture?

The implants are pretty secure and protected, but excessive pressures can conceivably cause a rupture. They would be better protected if they were placed behind the pectoral muscles. Normal activities do not usually cause a rupture in the implants.

What happens when an implant pops?

A lot of controversy surrounds this question, but basically, the contents of the implant will leak out and become involved with the surrounding tissues. For that reason, engineers are trying to develop implants that contain fluids that will not affect the woman's body in the case that the implant ruptures or leaks. A saline solution is used in some cases, and that will not affect the body tissues, and the latest silicone filled implants tend to stay in place until the ruptured implant can be replaced.

If you have breast implants, will you be able to breastfeed?

Most women report that they are still able to breastfeed after receiving implants. Sometimes they cannot, and it may be related to how the implants were placed into the breasts. Some surgical procedures may sever nerves that go to the areola, and this can affect how the mother does the "let-down reflex" process. Milk ducts are normally not affected by implants. Remember this, though. Any surgery to the breasts may result in altering the ability of that breast to function properly, so you may want to wait until breastfeeding is not a factor before you do elective breast surgery.

What is the number one reason why women get breast implants?

Statistics are always changing, and different geographical locations have different reasons, but generally the two largest reasons would be to replace a breast or breasts lost to a mastectomy and to increase a woman's natural breast size. We are inclined to believe that the latter is the greater number. Also, implants are used to "balance" a woman that has an excessive difference in cup-sizes. About two percent of the breast implants are done on males. …We don't know why…your guess is as good as ours!

In breast implants, where is the bag placed?

The quicker surgery, earlier recovery, less painful, less invasive and less expensive process is to place the implant bag behind the breast, but in front of the pectoral muscles. Hence, the longer surgery and recovery, more painful and invasive (and more expensive) process places the implant bag between the rib cage and the pectoral muscles. It is the opinion of a lot of experts that the second choice provides a little better profile to the finished breast. You can see the internal structures that we are talking about at Inside The Breast.