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The Sexual Breast


hy are breasts sexual? How are they considered a sex organ? What is their function in sex?

Breasts have a lot of nerve endings just below the surface of their skin. Where nerve endings are found in dense concentrations, the sensitivity of the skin surface is greater then surrounding skin. Breasts are intended to feed a child, and in order to facilitate that function, the nipples are highly sensitive (stimulation of the nipple area causes the brain to release hormones that will produce milk). For the woman that is not lactating, stimulation results in a sexual sensation. Nipples are two of several areas on the body that are referred to as erogenous zones.

Why are men so attracted to breasts?

Most men in our society are not subjected to (allowed) the sight of breasts under the average situation. Anything that society keeps covered general causes a natural curiosity that is often expressed by sexual sensations in the male brain. In some societies of this world, where no male (except for the woman's husband) is allowed to see any part of a woman's body, just the sight of her bare ankle will generally cause a man to have the same sexual feelings that they would have if they saw bare breasts.

Why are men's breasts not considered a sexual organ, but women's are?

Society has done this to us, and it started many, many years ago. The ancestors of many of the European settlers in our country (and others) made "Royal Decrees" that determined whether the "ladies of the court" should allow their breasts to show in public or not. Men's breasts are commonly exposed, so we do not build a curiosity about them. Also, many of the world's religions set rules or laws that continue to govern many of our attitudes about the human body (or parts thereof), especially any part that is considered to be an erogenous zone..

Since the male sexual organ becomes larger when sexually aroused, do breasts become larger?

During sexual excitation, breasts do gain in size, but only slightly. It would be hard to notice the amount of difference in size visually, but the skin covering the breast may take on a bit of a flush in color.

Is it true that nipples get hard when girls get turned on? In cold water, why do the nipples get hard?

The nipple will become more prominent (stand out) when it is stimulated by sexual excitation. The same will happen to a male, and it will usually happen when the person is cold, or if they are frightened, or any of several similar situations. The nipple can become erect due to very small muscles contracting in the areolar area of the breast.

Is nipple size related to sexual stimulation?

The nipple becomes more prominent, and the breast and nipple will actually increase in size slightly when the person is sexually stimulated, but a person who has larger nipples will not necessarily become more sexually stimulated, unless they have a larger number of nerve endings in the nipple.