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          by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer
    GET IT OFF! by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer
by Debra Curties R.M.T.
           by Meema Spadola
    TYRANNY OF THE BRA In Ten Studies
           The New Evidence
          by Fred Harding


TITLE: "DRESSED TO KILL - The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras"
AUTHORS: Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer
PUBLISHER: I.S.C.D. Press P. O. Box 1880 Pahoa, Hawaii 96778
Copyright 1995, AISN: B005XDQOOU
Pages: 192
PRICE: Kindle - $13.59   Audio Book - $17.46    Paperback - $15.26

This is the book that started it all. This is the book that caused the sensation that still rocks the  undergarment industry, and due to the major medical financial contributions from that industry, it is  rocking the medical  industry as well. It is also the book that puts the fear of a major fashion change in the  minds of women world-wide.

This is also the book that lays out what is probably the most important message yet to be told regarding a  possible major reduction of incidences of breast cancer that we face today. One in eight women in  today's busy society will be diagnosed with breast cancer, should they live to the age of 95. Unless... unless they change the habits they have formed in how they dress. If they take off their bra, their chances of having breast cancer in their lifetime is more like one in one hundred twenty five, or about the same  chance  that a man has of being diagnosed with breast cancer (yes, men get breast cancer).

This book follows the near tragic story of Ms. Grismaijer and Mr. Singer, man and wife, who faced the  threat of her having radiation testing to learn the reason for lumps in her breasts. The real threat was to the  unborn son she was carrying at the time. They made a well-informed decision to risk the consequences to her of  not doing the radiation tests to preserve the life of their son. A blessed decision that was, because her  breast lumps were benign cysts that left her breasts when she stopped wearing her bra. Blessed too is the  world in that their son, Solomon, was born healthy and sound, and has become an amazing person with many wonderful accomplishments to his credit. This couple does not encourage one to ignore symptoms such as breast lumps, without medical training and experience to help one make the proper decision. Even with their medical training it was a risk they took to save a life, and as a result they developed an important medical break-through.

These two researchers are Medical Anthropologists that hypothesized that Ms. Grismaijer was suffering not from malignant breast masses but likely benign fluid-filled cysts that were brought about by the prevention of lymphatic circulation within her breasts. This was due to the tightness of her bra, and also from the lack of natural lymphatic circulation due to the prevention of natural movement of her breasts, again, due to the wearing of a bra.

They set up a major study in the early 1990s of over 4,700 women and their use (or non-use) of a bra, and they present their findings in this book. As of January, 2016, not one single study has been done to disprove the results of this study, and at least twelve other studies done in several countries have supported their findings. These results need to be accepted, so we can reduce the more than 50,000 women who die from breast cancer every year. The important message here is that YOU can make the choice without anyone telling you to make a change, especially if you read what these two researchers have learned. You can make the choice to remove that bra.

This couple did a small follow-up study a few years later, in Fiji, where even more resounding results came out. Those results are described in the companion book "Get It Off! which I encourage you to order and read as well.

Be sure to read Jeff Rockel's review of the first edition of this book on breast cancer by these authors by clicking on The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras - A Review By Jeff Rockel .

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AUTHORS: Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer
PUBLISHER: I.S.C.D. Press P. O. Box 1880 Pahoa, Hawaii 96778

This is a very simple book to read. It has a very simple message. Page one, line one reads:   "Bra  wearing is the leading cause of breast cancer." Period! How could that be stated  more simply?  Now, for the tough part: Will you accept that to be a fact? And perhaps even  tougher: Will you act upon  this information to possibly help yourself?

The reader that wants to utilize the information that "Get It Off!" presents is expected to do a  very simple  maneuver: Take Off That Bra! (Gasp! You want me to do what?). This book  clearly points out the  authors' concerns and beliefs about how pressure from wearing the  brassiere restricts the lymphatic  system, and it points out how several studies have been done  that support this hypothesis. There are no  "medical" studies quoted in the book that show  these results, because the medical profession does not  appear to be interested in determining  whether this simple theory could actually be true or not. No one  wants to officially test this  concept. Why not? Why do researchers and academic institutions not conduct  studies to  determine if bras actually cause cancer?

Denial is the process by which we refuse to accept possible (maybe even obvious?) truths in  our lives.  Since Singer and Grismaijer brought us their ground breaking theories in "Dressed  To Kill: The Link  Between Breast Cancer and Bras" (I.S.C.D. Press P. O. Box 1880  Pahoa, Hawaii 96778, Copyright  1995, AISN: B005XDQOOU, there has been a lot of denial going on. I  expected  to see someone  accept the authors' challenge, and conduct some studies to either  support or refute the authors' theories  by now, but none have come forth. Some studies have  been done by the authors, themselves, both before and after their first book was finished.  The  positive data from their study of the Fijian women should be reason enough to  encourage someone to accept the challenge to do further studies. The authors present some  opinions of why "authorities" will not do the research.

While we wait for those studies to get started, we are watching more than 195,000 women contract breast cancer every year in the United States, and more than 40,000 of them will not live to see their next New Year's Eve. If you want to stop and think about it, there will be another woman die in the next 13 minutes from breast cancer.

Sydney and Soma really hope that you will become empowered with the information that they present in Get It Off!, and that it will prevent you from being one of those women.

If the "experts" will not do the research that we need to see done, then we can do it ourselves. Right Now! Today! It will cost you nothing, it will cause no harm to you, it requires no chemicals or medicines or special diet. Simply take off that bra! If you are hesitant about doing that, read "Get It Off! " for encouragement and suggestions. Go to the authors' website at http://www.selfstudycenter.org for the most current information. How many people died before we finally accepted the truth about the connection between smoking tobacco and lung disease? Let us not let that happen with breast cancer, too. Buy the book! Read it! Get It Off!

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TITLE: Breast Massage
AUTHOR: Debra Curties R.M.T.
PUBLISHER: Curties-Overzet Publications, Inc., Toronto, Ontario Canada
Copyright 1999, ISBN 978-0-9685256-1-6
PAGES: 208
PRICE: $32.73

We have supported the concept of breast massage since www.BreastNotes.com  has been on-line, and this is a book that covers the issue very well. Written by  Debra Curties, who has been a massage therapist and a Pathology and Clinical  Theory educator for more than twenty years. In this book she addresses the  objectives of doing breast massage therapy, and others have written in to tell their  stories of how it has helped them in the past and continues to benefit them.

Ms. Curties starts out with a good description of the anatomy and the function of the  breast, to enable the reader to better understand the purpose, the benefits, and the  technique of breast massage. Included is detailed information for women who are  pregnant and/or lactating, and those experiencing breast involution starting as early  as the second tri-mester of their lives. Why, indeed, would a woman have a breast  massage? It is performed for reasons that are much more than just to feel better. As  readers of this book, we become knowledgeable of the benefits we receive, and  understand why it is that we feel better after proper breast massage.

Clinical information about breast conditions (such as mastitis, abscesses, mastalgia, and breast implants) and issues, guidelines and decision-making that the professional massage therapists face daily is also presented. The author speaks directly to them in their own language. This is a professional book that the lay-person can understand. To get a more complete picture of what is happening, it may be somewhat helpful for you to pick up a simple reference book to learn where the specifically mentioned muscles are located. There are no muscles in the breasts, of course, but there are many in the chest area beneath and surrounding the breasts, and they perform active and important functions toward the natural circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid in the breasts.

Specific details and techniques to guide the therapist through a complete breast massage is offered in words and images. There is also a similar section to help you with Breast Self-Massage. A special section is added into the book to describe the treatment of surgical scars through heat and massage. With breast surgery on the rise, many women suffer from the discomfort of adhesions and the poor cosmetic results of some surgeries. A complete section for references and a full bibliography is included as well.

Do not let the publishing date be influential in your choosing to purchase this book. We have observed the price of this book escalate in the last few years, and that can only be due to the importance and value that the professionals that use the book have assigned to it.

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TITLE: Breasts: Our Most Public Private Parts
AUTHOR: Meema Spadola
PUBLISHER: Wildcat Canyon Press, Berkeley, California
PAGES: 249
SOURCE: HBO Home Video or call (800) 367-7765
PRICE: $14.95

Meema Spadola directed a lovely video called "Breasts: A Documentary", in which she  interviews twenty two women that talk about 41 breasts. It is evident that the volume of  information that she accumulated for that effort could never be told in 50 minutes, so  she placed the bulk of that data into this book. Like the video, the book stands on its  own accord, but I found that by viewing the video first, I was able to recognize some of  the subjects in the book. The book contains no images, and being a visual learning   person (so I have been told), I probably enjoyed them both much more this way. I cannot  retrace my steps and do it the other way, but I am sure that I would have enjoyed the  book with or without the video.

I felt that the book presented the thoughts and feelings that a lot of women have about  their own breasts. A 56 year old woman is quoted as saying: "…this is a chance to talk  about something that no one wants to talk about with me". When I read the book, I saw  "…women talking honestly with other women…". I hope no one minds if men listen too. I  am not speaking about listening in a voyeuristic fashion, but I am sure that all men can  learn a lot about "the other half of humanity" by listening to these ladies. The book's  author views men and women as equals, and does not "blame" either sex for the other's troubles. Many books seem to find blame in others, about some strange things, and I feel that the issues at hand are clouded with emotions of a political or "gender" nature.

We hear so much about breast size. The book heralds the idea that "What's important is not the actual size of our breasts, but how we feel about them." Doctor Loren Eskenazi, a plastic surgeon, said "Most women don't know what the range of normal breasts looks like. Unless you're a doctor and you've seen thousands of women with their shirts off, you don't know." The author stated that "The myth of the 'normal' breast was finally shattered for me when I began making the breasts documentary". She further states "Talking to hundreds of women and seeing so many real breasts made me feel better about mine - an experience that many viewers shared. Under the magnifying glass of this experience, my obsession crumbled."

The author examines how women feel about their own breasts. Gennifer, a 48 year old woman from the Midwest said: "For my well being, I've come to realize its not my breasts that need changing, but my attitude about them." The author states that "Our breasts empower us when they send out a message that feels comfortable to us, but if we believe they're conveying the wrong message, they can make us feel defenseless."

Sometimes, we go against the "normal" social expectations and do something "different". Breast ornamentation was talked about. Beth, a 25 year old with 38DD (38E) breasts felt that by adding a nipple ring allowed her to make an attitude change. "I think it's really my way of saying that I've spent more than a decade pretending I don't have boobs, and it's time to get over that and move on. "Bralessness was addressed as an attitudinal issue when the author stated: "There's something threatening and powerful about a braless woman - too much jiggling makes people a little nervous."

Issues like breast augmentation and reduction, including implants, are talked about in the book. Also, breast development, breastfeeding, breast cancer, redefining one's sexuality, and aging are addressed. The part that sets this book apart from many of the others is that it is real women talking about real breasts - their own - and they are passionate about the subject, because they are so involved.

The author sums it all up when she states that "If, instead of allowing breasts to be a taboo subject, we talk about our breasts - not just in relation to health issues, but in all areas of our lives - chances are, we will develop healthier attitudes. While there is no guarantee of healthy breasts, we would be more likely to take better care of ourselves, and better equipped to respect our bodies as they are."

BreastNotes.com agrees with that last statement, and in many ways agrees with the entire book. We are proud to place Breasts: Our Most Public Private Parts on our "Recommended Reading" shelf.

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TITLE: "TYRANNY OF THE BRA - In Ten Studies - The New Evidence
                  The Link Between Bras and Breast Cancer Confirmed"
AUTHOR: Fred Harding
PUBLISHER: Tekline Publishing, 55 Hawthorne Rd., Barnstaple, Devon, UK
PAGES: 555
PRICE: Kindle - $4.99   Paperback - $16.99


Are you concerned about breast cancer? At least one third of a million women in the US alone will be... when they are diagnosed next year with breast cancer. That is how many were affected this year... and the previous year... and the year before that. Sadly, cancer societies, manufacturers of bras and medical devices, and a lot of medical diagnostic people count on those women for a steady income and are hesitant to admit that there can be a simple way of avoiding breast cancer. Cancer societies would not admit that smoking cigarettes were implicated in lung cancer... for a good thirty years. They had board members that were involved in the tobacco industry. Is there a similar reason for why they continue to deny bras affect breasts?

You have heard rumors for the last twenty-five years that wearing a bra restricts the body's natural lymphatic flow, and that allows carcinogens to accumulate next to healthy breast tissue, changing it's DNA to form breast cancer cells. Natural breast movement is the only way to move those carcinogens out of the breasts to be properly dealt with and eliminated from the body. But cancer groups, manufacturers, and too many medical people are telling you there is no proof that this is a reason for breast cancer being diagnosed. Yet they refuse to do any viable testing to prove that bras do not affect breasts. Cigarettes affect lungs. Shoes affect feet. Bras affect breasts. But you don't need to wait for them to admit that... take it off for a week and find out for yourself.

The American Cancer Society claims that ". There is no good scientific or clinical basis for this claim...". I guess they have not gotten around to reading the DOZEN studies that this book details. Why do they insist that those studies do not exist?

This book is a treasure chest of research into breast cancer. Here are some simple facts we have known for twenty five years and are borne out by at least a dozen international studies done in the last thirty years (two more since this book was published) that are detailed in this book.

Number One: Where women do not bind their breasts or wear bras (same thing) breast cancer is extremely rare, no matter what country or what period in history we study.

Number Two: Women that wear a bra 24/7 (yes, some actually do) are over one hundred twenty five times more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer than a woman that wears a bra less than 8 hours a day.

Number Three: Women that do not wear bras have the same incidence of breast cancer as men.

Does it sound to you like these simple facts bear out the claim that wearing a bra has no influence on the development of breast cancer?

American Cancer Society alone collected over $9,000,000,000 of our money last year, and yet they cannot find these facts to be a good enough reason to do even one scientific study to see if there really is a connection between the restriction of breast movement and resulting accumulation of carcinogens in the breasts to cause breast cancer to develop.

The author of this book did a wonderful job of researching into ancient writings and historical facts to lay out to us a very clear understanding of where breast cancer started, which women in a particular society are likely to be diagnosed with it and which would not, and what women today can do, on their own, at no cost to anyone, to take themselves out of the running for breast cancer. If every woman does as he (and others) suggest she does and removes her bra, breast cancer would cease to exist as the threat it is today.

If you cannot sleep because the lamp is too bright, do we CURE our sleep problem with gadgets and medication... or do we remove the CAUSE of our sleep problem and turn off the lamp?

We should not be looking for the CURE for breast cancer... we should be looking for the CAUSE for breast cancer, and it was found decades ago! We just have to take that step and remove the bra. Don't suffer so others can prosper financially.

Who will win in this battle? Those making money from donations and medical payments? Or will the women that will remove the bra and avoid breast cancer all together be the winners?

This book is for both the common folks like you and me and for the scientifically directed who enjoy the hunt for the answers.

Until I can add in the special link that takes you straight to Amazon to purchase either the Kindle version or the paperback version, copy this:   Tyranny of the Bra: In Ten Studies The New Evidence   then return to the 'HOME' page of this website, drop down half way and click on the banner for Amazon, and when Amazon opens up, past the copied text into the search window.
































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