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"OMG! I'm a hairy beast. Am I a man in disguise?"


Body hair is found all over our bodies. Males tend to have more body hair than females, but hormonal conditions can cause one person to have more hair than another person. Our society tends to think of women as having less body hair, except for on their head, underarms, and their pubic region, so when it shows up anywhere else, they tend to find it objectionable.

When a woman finds hair growing near her nipple she becomes concerned, because she does not see other women with hair there. That is mostly because most women remove it before anyone sees it, or before they have their image taken. It is not that unusual for a woman to have breast or nipple hair. In some cases, there is hair there but it is so light in color that it just does not show up.

I was asked to post some images of breasts that had nipple hair, because a couple were concerned about the woman having some. But because most women remove the hair as soon as they see it, very few images are found of breasts with nipple hair showing. If you are interested in allowing us to post a similar image of you, showing that 'normal' ladies actually do have nipple hair, it would be very much appreciated by everyone.

These examples are shown as a guide so that everyone might better understand that they are indeed "normal".


In this image, you can see the nipple hair at the lower edge of the areola. It is so light in color and so thin and delicate that without this magnification, it would go unnoticed. If this lady had hair that was darker or more coarse, that nipple hair would be more obvious.

- - H-01 - -
In this image, a darker nipple hair can be seen to the right of the nipple, and several hairs can be seen to the left of the nipple. These are still rather fine, but can be seen more clearly.
- - H-02 - -
Darker pigmentation in the areola and nipple often will show up in the hair as well. In this image we can see the hair that everyone has, but it is darker so it is more clearly visible.          

  - - H-03 - -                  

In this image, we can see a few dominant hairs with the rest somewhat less mature and not as visible.



  - - H-04 - - 

These hairs are becoming more obvious. It is a real temptation to remove them, although they cause no problems if they remain. It is usually an appearance issue if someone wishes to remove them.

  - - H-05 - -