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The 'Perfect' Breast -

When it comes to breast size, early artists always depicted women as fairly robust and "Rubenesque" with large breasts that were thought necessary for the support of many babies. Then the French placed the proverbial romantic slant to it when they said the ideal breast was the shape and size of a Champagne glass. 'Modern' fashion in the 'Roaring Twenties' wanted them to be minimized or as flat as possible, but in the 'Fifties' the girls all wanted to wear a sweater over large breasts that came as close to a point as possible. In the 'Sixties' Twiggy convinced women to again return to the minimal breast and later that decade Russ Meyer's movies again emphasized the larger sized breasts. Breasts are simply what they are, and they do not always end up 'In Vogue' with the current fad or fashion. Today millions of women reduce or increase the size of their breasts to fit some fleeting ideal that seems constantly in flux.

Hollywood and the popular movies, along with the many magazines that are on the shelves with images of breasts, and the tens of thousands of images found on the internet all do no favors for the women that see them. Those images are of women who are usually chosen because they match the current "perfect" and "classical" shape and size of breast that has been passed down through the years by tradition and popularity. We must wonder just what Eve's breasts looked like, since they were the first pair of breasts, and they were, after all, literally crafted by The Master. We can only guess, but I think that we can bet the farm on the fact that they contained no silicone, were not surgically altered, and they were not suspended in a bra anytime during Eve's lifetime. When Eve was created, her breasts were the most beautiful breasts in the world. Absolute!

These galleries are presented here for you to be able to see the breasts of other women, so that you can know that no matter how "different" you may think that your breasts may be, compared to the "ideal" breasts of the current popularity, there are many other women that look pretty much like you do. You are not "weird" or "misshapen" or "broken". You are "Normal". See your breasts as they truly are... Perfect In Every Way! And no one else has a pair like them.

Special Requests:

We have special requests for specific images and we include them here in separate Galleries. If you have a request for a particular breast characteristic to be featured in an individual Gallery, contact Ken at BreastCare@comcast.net with your ideas or questions.


LARGE & DARK AREOLAE A young man was panicked over the changes a pregnancy was causing to his wife's breasts. He feared the changes. This gallery was built for him, and he quickly learned that large areolae are beautiful as well, in their own lovely way.
PTOSIS or PENDULOUS BREASTS Breasts will sag as you get older. Period. Wearing a bra will make them sag more quickly. True. Some will sag before you are out of school. What gives? The reality is that all breasts will sag, and some will sag sooner than others. No bra prevents from sagging... it will only hide the fact that they are southbound... temporarily.
TUBULAR BREASTS You hear women in the locker talking about one of the girls having "Tubular Breasts", and you have to ask just what those are. Do you have them as well? Is it bad if you do have them?
BREAST VEINING Usually seen when you are in the process of inducing lactation, or you are pregnant and your breasts are changing every day. Blue lines show up on the surface of your breasts, and it can be rather alarming.
BREAST or NIPPLE HAIR When you are checking yourself out in the mirror, admiring what you see, you suddenly see hair on your breasts, or near your nipple. You don't want a hairy chest... but you are 'normal'. Relax.
SMALL BREASTS Men and women both will say they prefer large breasts, but is that only because they see large breasts in the media all the time? When do they get the chance to really appreciate the smaller breasted woman's beauty? They can... now... here!