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DRESSED TO KILL: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras - Second Edition
by Ken L. Smith

fter complaining to your doctor about foot problems, he or she will more than likely take a look at the shoes you wear. We all know that wearing shoes that do not fit will cause problems with our feet.

When men suffer from low fertility counts, their doctor advises them to swap their 'tighty whities' for boxers, to reduce the impact of the heat upon the scrotum.

Women that suffer from frequent bouts of vaginal yeast infections are advised to not wear panty hose and girdles and tight, wool skirts, so they can get more air circulation.

Women that suffer from breast cysts, breast tenderness, and breast cancer are told... any number of things from dietary changes, birth control method modifications, or blame it on their heritage. What about the bra?

How about a game of "Association"? I ask "Foot problems?". You say "Shoes". Male fertility? Shorts. Yeast infections? More air to the affected area. Breast problems? Remove the bra. Now, was that hard to understand? Was that simple deductive reasoning? Or... Common Sense?

Why does something that on the surface appears to be fairly simple become a world-wide problem affecting a quarter million women every year?

Some say "Hey, it is not that simple. It is complicated!" Really? When did we try the simple act of wearing a bra only when we felt that we HAD to wear one? And since when do we HAVE to wear a certain undergarment? Who said that we have to? Perhaps we should give that a try... before we spend billions on bras and suffer through more biopsies and surgeries.

After enjoying the first edition, we can now enjoy their new Second Edition of “DRESSED to KILL: THE LINK BETWEEN BREAST CANCER AND BRAS” by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer. It gives everyone the reason for, the methods of, the results of, and the conclusions derived from the Bra and Breast Cancer Study (BBC) done by the authors in 1991-1993 we found in the first edition. This was a study done to determine if there was any indication of a correlation between a woman wearing a bra for a major part of her waking hours and her being diagnosed with breast cancer. They also discuss what they learned in a later study they did in Fiji.

Before you decide that this study is "too old" for you to bother with it, consider this: Breasts have not changed... and neither has the habit of wearing a bra over them. What the researchers/authors learned way back, more than two decades ago, is still viable. Still true. And more and more studies since their study have shown their results to be absolutely true.

This second edition goes much further than their first book, not with new discoveries, but by smoothly blending into the original text details of multiple studies that have been done, both domestically and internationally, that support and further substantiate the results found in the original BBC study. Bras are still causing breast problems. And not just discomfort. REAL problems. Breast cancer. Death.

There are only two so-claimed ‘studies’ that claim to refute these authors’ conclusions, but neither of them ever evaluated any women that did not wear a bra, which would be required as the ‘control’ for any study on the possibility of whether wearing bras are causing breast cancer. That is like finding the effectiveness of a new diet by studying men trying to lose weight by going on that diet... but not including in the study any men that were on that diet. Huh?

They actually attempted to determine if by not wearing a bra women reduced the incidence of breast cancer... by studying only women that wear bras.

Also included in this second edition is a review of the extensive efforts by some medical practitioners, manufacturers of drugs and medical equipment, and established groups that supposedly exist to help cancer patients, to prevent you from knowing the truth about how bras cause breasts to accumulate and concentrate toxins in the woman’s body. Or your learning that there is a simple way to reduce the incidence of breast cancer to a fraction of what exists today: Simply by wearing your bra much less than you now do.

These folks/organizations appear to pay more attention to their ‘bottom dollar’ than they do about preventing breast cancer.

If you are concerned about lessening your chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer in your lifetime, you definitely have a lot to gain, and nothing to lose, by reading this new book.

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