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A Thank You Letter To Syd
From Christine Riggs, Montreal, QC, Canada

Addressed To Syd Singer   1/11/10

To whom it may concern,

My name is Christine Riggs and I am a recent breast cancer survivor. About two months ago, my Oncologist sent me your article regarding the link between breast cancer and bras. For the 5 years previous to my being diagnosed with breast cancer, I had been suffering with large fluid-filled cysts that I would have to have drained at least 3 times a year. As soon as I finished reading your article, I took off my bra and haven't worn one since. At that point, I had two large cysts in my right breast and 3 smaller ones in the left breast that I was going to have drained. My doctor suggested I try this before becoming a pin cushion yet again. The large cysts have shrunk by approx. 75% and the smaller ones are completely gone. I am no longer bloating between 7 and 10 lbs a month previous to the start of menstruation, instead just gaining about a pound and I have lost 8 lbs of "water weight" in general. I used to have back, neck and shoulder pain. That is now gone.

I can't thank you enough for getting the word out. I have passed your article along to EVERY WOMAN I KNOW and have received some very positive feedback from several friends who also have seen miraculous changes in their bodies.

Sincerely Grateful,


Christine Riggs

Montreal, QC, Canada


 Mr. Singer contacted Ms. Riggs, asking her permission to post her letter, and asking about her "water-weight" loss. This was her response:


You may, of course use my testimonial on your website, or any other literature you would like  and I am honoured that you would ask.

As for the water-weight loss, it was important to me that I did not change anything else in my daily routine when I stopped wearing the bra in order to more correctly monitor any results I may have (from removing her bra), so, no, there was no other change in diet, exercise, or supplements.

Within the first 72 hours of eliminating the bra, I did feel mild soreness in my neck, shoulders and under my arms and when I talked to my doctor about it, he told me that it was to be expected as my lymph nodes were now working again and probably working over time, but that went away within the first week.

Also it should be noted that I was one of those women who wore a bra 24 hours a day... I slept in a bra, because I was worried about sagging. Now just over 2 months into going without a bra, my breasts actually are sitting up higher than they were before.

It's incredible to me that women are fed so much misinformation about our bodies and I must say thank you again for making your research available, it has been of invaluable help to me.