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A Personal Letter
by Ken L. Smith, Breast Health Facilitator for ACS


I wrote this letter, for the purpose of sending it to those women that personally mean a lot to me, and who have shown an interest in learning the truth about the connection between wearing a bra and having a higher risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer. Because you are interested enough to visit this website, I would like to consider you as one of those women. Please feel free to read this letter, as I feel the same about you and your breast health as I do about personal friends. And feel free to forward this on to your friends. Tell them it was sent to you by a friend. .

This letter is addressed to you, one of the women that are special in my life: 

The reason I am sending it to you is because the most special woman in my life, my wife, Rosalee, has been through the tragedy of breast cancer in the past… not once, but twice… and I am firmly convinced that there are things that can be done to reduce the number of women that will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the future. What has convinced me of this is my years of studying available information concerning the subject of breast cancer.

I certainly do not want to offend, or embarrass anyone, by sending you this information, and I certainly do not want to sell you anything, or impose my beliefs upon you, but my knowing this information and not at least giving you the opportunity to be aware of available research would, in my mind, be criminal.

Way back in the 1990’s, two medical anthropologists named Syd Singer and Soma Grismaijer did two studies and put the results of their discoveries in two different books, and since that time, I have applied what they learned and shared from these studies to every story that I have read about people with breast cancer, about new cancer research, and about the suspected causes of breast cancer, and I have never found their findings to be incorrect or inapplicable. I hope you understand that I cannot at least pass on to you, what looks to me to be very positive affirmation of their work, so you can at least be aware of what, in all respects, has been proven to be true. It is entirely up to you if you wish to act on this information. And doing so does not cost a thing… it will even save you money. 

Disseminating this type of information is part of the job description of a Breast Health Facilitator. I was certified as a BHF in 1995.

Helping me to believe in what these two experts are telling us are the results of more than five international studies that have all essentially said the same thing: Wearing a bra prevents a woman’s lymphatic system from flushing toxins and chemicals from her breasts. Researchers have proven that those toxins that linger, lying stagnant, next to breast tissues, periodically will cause the DNA in her breast cells to make an error… a genetic ‘accident’ if you will… as her cells go through their normal process of replicating themselves. That ‘accident’ can turn a normal breast cell into a breast cancer cell. 

The solution to that problem is to reduce the time you wear a bra. This not only removes the restriction to your lymphatic flow (caused by any bra), allowing your lymphatic system to flush your breasts clear of the toxins, but it also allows your breasts to move more, which is the only means of moving your lymphatic fluids. So, wearing the bra not only removes the means of removing the fluid and toxins (by restricting breast movement), it restricts what little movement your fluid does have by placing pressure on your breasts. Bras are designed to force your breasts into the “fashionable and proper location,” and then hold them there, so they won’t wiggle (‘lift and support’… sound familiar?). The bra causes toxins to linger in your breasts, and then we have trouble. 

The U.S. lingerie industry’s revenue last year was $13,000,000,000  note 1  --- that’s BILLION in case it got blurry. That is a lot of money, and they are very active in keeping you from knowing the truth about what bras are doing to women’s breasts. Obviously, they want to sell bras. It is similar to the efforts the tobacco industry put forth for decades to keep people smoking, even though they knew doiing so caused lung cancer. Many doctors, university hospitals, and organizations such as the American Cancer Society, National Institute of Health, and others, are recipients of large financial grants from the undergarment industry, and they do not want to lose their “golden goose”… their piece of that thirteen-billion-dollar pie, so they respond to questions about bras increasing risks of breast cancer with the pat answer of “…no accreditable studies have shown that bras cause breast cancer…” even though not one of them have done one single study themselves on the possible link between wearing bras and your having a higher breast cancer risk. Nor has anyone else done any studies on that. I am sending you access to a slide presentation that brings you information about some of those “non-existent” studies (which clearly DO show that wearing bras increases the risk of breast cancer), because you will not see it in the media (which makes a lot of their income from the undergarment industry’s advertising). The results of some of these studies have been available for years, but you likely have not seen them before this.

Something else makes me even sicker than the reluctance of these professional medical and advertising people to share this information with us. Do you have any idea about how much money breast cancer brings into people’s pockets? GE, maker of mammography equipment, actively prevents you from knowing this information about how to reduce breast cancer. Not to mention the income that comes from medications, surgeries, and office visits. I don’t mean to sound like there is a concerted effort to keep us from knowing how to avoid breast cancer… well… I guess that IS what I am doing. But I believe that you deserve the chance to at least be aware of the studies that are currently happening, and for you to have the option of your questioning your wearing a bra for yourself. The important thing to remember is that you do not need anyone to prescribe the solution. You can help yourself very simply, and at your own pace. All who try it say the longer you are without a bra, the more comfortable it becomes, even to the point of not wanting to wear one after two months of being without one.

I mentioned there are other causes of breast cancer… a good immune system from a healthy diet and exercise helps to eliminate the effects of those toxins, chemicals, and damaged cells. Anything that causes our immune system to work harder adds to the difficulty of processing the bad things in our bodies, allowing us to become ill. Drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and some food items complicate our natural defense systems. These things all reduce our ability to fight off illness, keeping our immune system busy trying to remove the alcohol and drugs from our system. And they add even more toxins to our system, like bisphenol A, phthalate, PCBs and mercury, which get caught up in our breasts, causing more problems. 

We have full control over the drugs, alcohol, tobacco, foods, exercise, etc. in our lives. What we also have control over is what we wear and when we wear it, but we allow fashion and public opinion to override our wisdom, and we wear bras at our own peril.

When you have some time… when you are not in a hurry… please take a look at the following slide presentation that talks about some of the studies that have been done (the URL is down at the bottom of the letter). The slides have been translated from French, and may be difficult to understand in some cases, but when you think about what it says, it will become clear (mostly… I’ll ‘translate’ if you need help). There are images of medical ick and there are images of breasts, but that is because we are talking about breasts. Without breasts, humans would not be here on Earth. They are a gift from God. People have since given them the negative morality image we deal with daily. Either way, as you know, your life can depend upon good breast health. 

Make the slides go full screen. In slide number 3, what you are seeing below her foot are… her toes. 

I know that some of you have already eliminated your bra as much as possible, but I’m sending this to you as well, only as an “FYI”, as it may help answer some of your lingering questions. It may also enable you to have some solid information to pass on to others that have asked you why you gave up your bra… or maybe they think that you may be making a mistake. It helps to have facts at hand when explaining something you choose to do that is ‘different’ from popular opinion.

If you usually wear a bra, and if this information hits home with you, but you don’t feel you can remove your bra right away, you can take it slowly. The best way is “cold turkey” and just leave it off, but of course that causes other concerns. At least take it off when you get home. Leave it off when working around the home or driving long distances. And please, NEVER sleep in a bra. Even bra manufacturers suggest you “give your breasts a break” and not wear one when sleeping. I work with over 750 ‘clients’ so you will not be the only one taking this life-giving step. 

I have a collection of articles regarding breast health, and if you need to read more, they are located here: http://breastnotes.com/index-articles.htm Some of those articles are written by Mr. Singer, himself.

Please share this with your daughters, your sisters, your mother, and your best friends. 

If I can answer any questions, or be of any help to you, please do not hesitate to contact me. Your contact is held in total confidence.


 Ken L. Smith, Breast Health Facilitator for ACS


This is the slide presentation: https://fr.slideshare.net/Yves971/the-hazards-of-wearing-a-bra-52-26823140?related=1

P.S. Some Facts:   Last year, over 40,000 women died from breast cancer. A quarter million others were newly diagnosed with breast cancer.  Women that wear a bra 18 to 24 hours a day have 125 times the risk of getting breast cancer than women that never wear a bra. In a general population, where most women wear bras, 1 in 8 women that reach their 90’s will get breast cancer. Among those that never wear bras, the number is closer to 1 in 400. 



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