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Are You Dressing Organically?
by Ken L. Smith, BHF


his question is basically addressed to women. Women that are doing a meritorious job of determining the best foods to put into their bodies. They are not only determining which foods offer the most benefits nutritionally, but which foods should be bypassed due to toxins and pesticides and unknown chemicals that the foods may carry with them from their processing, storage, and preparation.

These women are already very aware that these foreign items that end up in their food chain can cause many problems with their health. I am specifically speaking today about their breast health. They already know these chemicals cause breast cancer.

By making these good choices in what they eat, they are minimizing their exposure to foods that contain harmful chemicals. They also know that they are subjected to chemicals in their environment… in or on the food they eat, from the containers their food may be purchased or stored in, the clothes they wear, the fabric their clothes are made from, the air they breath outside, the air they breath from inside their automobile (including the vinyl off-gassing from the upholstery), from the plastic kitchen utensils they use every day, the cosmetics they use… and so many other bad items in their lives. One thing that they are aware of: they are eliminating a lot of those toxins… but they will never be able to avoid all of the chemicals that they live with.

They still have another wave of defense, inside their bodies… their marvelous bodies, with their miraculous immune and lymphatic systems… but are they ALLOWING their own bodies to eliminate those chemicals that do get into their bodies? Are the articles of clothing that they wear through the day working to defeat their efforts spent on making good food choices?

When those toxins and chemicals get into their bodies, they may tend to accumulate in various locations of their bodies, and if they are allowed to linger too long, those toxins and chemicals will eventually start to affect their DNA in their body cells. All cells in their bodies will duplicate and replace themselves eventually, some in a matter of a few weeks and others may be closer to replacing themselves once a year. Each time each cell duplicates (that’s called mitosis if you remember your high school biology), it makes a complete copy of itself, including making a whole duplicate copy of its DNA. The DNA is what tells that cell what it is, and what it does. It gives the cell its identity and its instructions to do its individual task in the body. A breast cell has DNA that says that it is a breast cell, even if it is removed from the breast. A pathologist can identify that cell as coming from a breast.

Breast Cancer is nothing more than a breast cell that has had its DNA altered by some biological ‘accident’, causing the cell to function in an errant manner. Even though it is now known as a malignancy… a breast cancer cell, it can still be identified as a breast cell. However, it no long acts as a good breast cell should act. And these ‘accidents’ happen all the time.

If a breast cancer cell leaves the mass (or breast lump) in which it was developed, it will travel to another location in the body… probably carried there by the lymphatic fluids that circulate throughout the body. If that breast cancer cell lodges in another organ, such as the lung, then it is still breast cancer… in the lung. Even though it is a breast cell (modified now), it is a malignant breast cell and it will grow into a new mass in the lung. Once that cell moves to a new location, that is referred to as it has metastasized, or exhibiting the condition of metastasis. In lay terms… The Cancer Is Spreading.

The toxins and chemicals and other negative items actually enter our bodies and look for places to sit and hide more than we know, but a healthy body with a healthy immune system and an uncompromised lymphatic system usually will carry that impurity all the way to one of many lymph nodes, and then to other organs where it is removed, and rejected from the body through perspiration, urine, or feces. It does not have a chance to sit and cause trouble.

Why do women (and men) end up with breast cancer cells in the first place? It is thought that when those toxins and chemicals that got inside their skin (possibly ingested through the mouth, or absorbed through the skin) got flushed away by the lymphatic fluids, then the person did not end up with cancer. But if the toxins found a place to lollygag and sit still for a while, no matter where that is, the toxins were next to developing cells, since the whole body is made up of cells that duplicate themselves. When the cells duplicated… divided, if the toxins and chemicals were present, they potentially could have messed with the DNA, and when that new, duplicate cell was born, the DNA of that ‘daughter’ cell may have been messed up. That cell may now be a cancer cell. If the original cell that divided was a breast cell, then the new, messed up version is now a breast CANCER cell.

A breast cell with nothing changed but the ‘clock’ in its DNA that tells it when to divide (to make a new cell to replace itself) is a breast cancer cell. A breast cell that replicates itself too early (before the parent cell has run it’s life-long course), causes a concentrated mass of cells that disrupts the function of the organ in which it resides. That is the definition of a malignant breast cell. Breast Cancer! A spot in the breast is growing faster than the surrounding breast tissue. That is why a lump can be felt, or a bump can be seen on the surface of the breast. That is why women are encouraged to do a good Breast Self-Examination (BSE). Learn how to do that by reviewing this article: How To Do A Breast Self-Exam

So why do some toxins sit and linger in the breasts? They can sit and linger anywhere. It depends upon whether something moves them on through, to its intended destination or not. When blood needs to move, which is constant, of course, a man and a woman have a heart to move the blood. A pump. When lymphatic fluid needs to move (to carry away the toxins and chemicals from within their breasts), there is no ‘heart’… no pump to do that. The movement of the fluids (and the toxins) only happens if the person’s muscles and tissues flex and move, forcing the lymphatic fluid to move through the lymphatic vessels.

When women walk, their legs with their muscles and fatty tissues move, and the lymphatic fluid in their legs is moved along, clearing the cellular debris (as well as the toxins that build up) from the legs. When they move their arms, the same thing happens to the toxins and cellular debris in the arms. No toxins build up in the legs and arms.

Many chemicals and toxins love to reside in fatty tissue. Where do we find a lot of a woman’s fatty tissue located? In their breasts. Two-thirds of the average-sized breast is fatty tissue. Toxins and chemicals love fatty tissues. Toxins and chemicals move into their breasts. How do the toxins and fluids get moved out of their breasts? When their breasts move… maybe when they walk? Not when they walk downtown… wearing a bra that is “guaranteed to control BREAST MOVEMENT!  Women wear bras to lock their breasts up against their chests and to not allow them to move. So, all day along, their breasts are not moving, and the toxins, pesticides, plastics, PCEs, and every other thing, are trapped in their breasts… next to the breast tissues that are duplicating themselves. Onh, oh.  Bad mojo.

In a nutshell: These women do all of this effort to minimize what goes into their bodies that may be harmful, but some will always get past their screen of defense. If it does, her body is equipped to handle some toxins… unless she compromises her body’s abilities to compensate for those toxins. That is what happens when she wears a bra that prevents her breasts from flushing out those toxins that accumulate in her breast tissues.

Bodies were designed before clothes were designed. Breasts were designed to move. There must be a reason they were designed to move. Now, we know. Breasts are supposed to move so that they can force the lymphatic fluids to flow through, flushing out any toxins and accumulated chemicals that may find their way into her breast tissue.

Solution: Women should ask themselves just why they are wearing the bra! Does their supervisor at work require it? Is it because mom wore one? Who told mom that she needed one? A sales lady? Back when bras were first invented… just about a century ago actually… and by a woman no less… someone had to really “sell” women on the idea of buying them… and wearing one.

Women have allowed the general public to direct them to wear bras for any number of reasons, but one thing is sure. By wearing the bras, they are now one hundred twenty-five times more likely to develop breast cancer in their lifetime.1

Many women wear a bra because they feel they will be ‘judged’ harshly by others for not wearing one. Those same women don’t let others tell them what foods to buy. They have insisted on having good, wholesome, food, for themselves and their families. They have not let others tell them that “regular produce in the market is ‘just as good’” because they simply know better. So, are they going to let others tell them “Wearing a bra is what you SHOULD do, because “EVERYONE” wears a bra.” Of course, over 250,000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer last year… and another 250K the year before that.2 And how many of them were wearing a bra for the last decade or two?

Women that have gone “against the norm” and bought ‘organically grown’ produce have had better health. These women are convinced their wise choices are a large part of why that is true. That is why they are paying $4.50 for a bell pepper, right? Well, women that have elected not to wear bras all the time are reaping the benefits of their decision as well. They are not worrying about what others will say about how they are dressed… they are more concerned about not being in that group of women that will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

When a woman makes good decisions about what to eat, she eliminates a lot of possible troubles that may come later, regarding her breast health. But the problem is that SOME of those bad chemicals and toxins will still get into her system. And after being so diligent about what she eats, it would be terrible to know that the bra is working against her, serving as a trap, holding toxins in her breasts, causing breast cancer. That sort of defeats all of her care she has taken up to that point.

OK, who says that they have any better chance of avoiding breast cancer if they don’t wear a bra? We already know that we are all going to have to deal with junk in the atmosphere and in the fabric of our clothes and just taking a drink from a plastic bottle of water, so who says taking off the bra will be any better? Well, there are quite a few people telling us this, all the time. Here is an article that shows just some of the articles and websites on the internet that are advising women to take off their bra when doing a Google Search about not wearing a bra: More & More Experts Agree: Wearing A Bra Causes Breast Problems

The issue of a connection between wearing a bra and having a higher risk of getting breast cancer was brought to everyone’s attention by two medical anthropologists named Sydney Singer and Soma Grismaijer, who surveyed about 4,600 women, some with a history of breast cancer and some without, and found that women that wear their bra twenty-four hours a day (that means she wears it to bed too) are 125 times more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer than a woman that never wears a bra will be. 1 (Dressed To Kill, pg 135.)

There have been several studies done in other countries since the Bras and Breast Cancer survey (BBC) by Singer/Grismaijer, and they have shown similar results. Basically, they have all supported the findings of the BBC study. Every study that has been done since this first one has supported the original findings. Not one single study has been done that did not support their findings. How many more times do the researchers have to tell us… show us… warn us… that a bra causes damage to our breasts, before we start to believe them?

How many times did the researchers show us that cigarette smoking had an influence over lung cancer before the public accepted the truth? It was well over three decades, and some people are still not convinced. Will it take that long to believe what the experts tell us about the link between bras and breast cancer?

One thing about this question: You can always leave off the bra… even if you still wear it to work, try to keep it under 8 hours total for the day, and you will soon be leaving it off much longer than that. You don’t have to wait for any governmental agency or cancer organization to tell you to take off your bra… that is your choice… today. Obviously, you will not be able to see the results of your lowered risk of breast cancer in a few months, but you will find that your breasts are so much more comfortable without the bra, and you won’t have those red welts on your breasts and your back in the evening. You will also notice some restoration of your breast lift after a few months. Your breasts’ support system will actually get back to work. And large-breasted women report that their back stops hurting as well.

Yes, there are organizations that SHOULD know the truth about breast cancer (at least the name of the organizations suggest that they should) that tell us “there is no real proof that bras cause cancer”, but before you accept their word as final, ask yourself these questions: Does this organization manufacture or sell bras? Does this organization accept donations from bra manufacturers or bra sales outlets? Has this organization actually done any testing to learn the truth?

We know the answer to that last question… no testing has been done by anyone that shows there is NOT a connection between bras and breast cancer. They only blindly refute the results of the legitimate studies without doing any studies themselves.

There is no question that a woman who consumes organically-grown food is an intelligent person. She is always making conscious decisions as to what foods she is eating. So, the question is whether she has thought about how to prevent the toxins and chemicals that she cannot help but to consume from causing her to lose her breasts or her life to breast cancer. Hopefully she will remember: One hundred twenty-five women that wear a bra will get breast cancer before ONE that never wears a bra will get breast cancer. That is simple logic that she cannot afford to ignore.

So, hopefully she will continue to eat organically, but she will think about dressing ‘organically’ as well.

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1. "Dressed To Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras" by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer, Avery Press, 1995, ISBN# 0-89529-664-0

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